3 node mix n match cluster!

  • 10 September 2018
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Hi guys!

Just want to share my homecluster with you guys. I am amazed by the simplicity of nutanix. It only took me like four hours to deploy this multinode cluster. Great stuff!

Host 1:
2x Intel Xenon 6 cores
48GB DDR3 ECC memory
500GB x2 disks
240GB SSD disk

Host 2:
1x Intel i7 4 cores
24GB DDR3 memory
500GB disk
240GB SSD disk

Host 3:
1x Intel i5 4 cores
16GB DDR3 memory
1,5TB disk
240GB SSD disk

3 replies

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Looks awesome! @norrmund

What's your NIC hardware?


Have anyone tried with other NICs? Please share. Thanks