How to Change Your Community Profile Avatar

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One of the fun things about participating in an online community is developing a community identity. One way to do that is with a personalized avatar. You can have lots of fun with this, as it can give folks a sense of your personality.

I found in the past people like to either add a real picture of themselves or a fictional character or someone they wish they could be, like Superman for example.

Great way for others to get to know you
I'm delighted to share you now have the ability to update your avatar on the NEXT community. Express your creativity, and upload an avatar that you think best suits you or just add an updated image of yourself.

Follow these steps to get started:

Sign in to your community account.

Go to My Settings .

Then Choose > Avatar > Upload an Avatar or use one of the pre-loaded options.

And upload an image!

There you have it! you might want to add your Twitter image and keep images consistent across your social profiles or go with something new. I’ll be looking for the most creative, so have fun and enjoy.

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