Unable to enable FA so unable to disable FA

  • 15 March 2020
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I deployed File Analytics (FA).
I certainly made a mistake in choosing the network.
When I want to Enable File Analytics, I have this message : “Cannot connect to File Server: files.domain.lab. Please try again later.”

Is it possible to change the network configuration ?
Is it possible to disable FA form FS manually ?

I test ping from FA-VM to FS domain name = KO



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3 replies

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You will be able to deploy another FA once you remove (not only shutdown) the existing one. Please follow the link Hitesh provided above.

Remove analytics VM

Thanks @HITESH0801,

FA is deploy but not enable = OK

But FA is register in FS
I shutdown FA, at this time I can’t deploy another FA

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Hello @SebKBien 

If it’s a completely new deployment, we can delete this FA and deploy again with the correct configuration. 

Try going through the below post to remove FA properly