You worked hard for your Nutanix Certification – Now show it off!

  • 17 May 2019
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Earning an NCP or NCAP certification is a tremendous achievement. Up until now the primary way to share it was to hang your certificate on your wall or put the logo on your website. We’re working to give you more options to show your accomplishments, and the first is the new Certification Store.

We’ve stocked the store with polo shirts, mugs, and more with the NCP and NCAP logo imprinted.

Tell the world about your achievements!
1. Visit
2. Click on Certification in the top menu
3. Enter password NTNXCertified19
4. Select NCP or NCAP

4 replies

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Just to close the loop on this, we are working towards creating a separate store to handle shipments to EMEA and APAC. We will post an update here once those are available.
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Can I order in the US store and send it to APAC region? I don’t mind paying for shipping if it’s not overkill.
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Hi Greet - At this time the store is only open in the US, but we are looking into rolling it out for other locations in the future.
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Hi Jill,

The NCP/NCAP stuff seems only available in the US store :(
Any chance to get it available in the EMEA section also?

Greetz Thomas