We’re making it easier to share your Nutanix Certification

  • 15 July 2019
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We want to let you know about an exciting addition to the Nutanix Certification program: digital badges and improved certificates.

Digital Badges
We have partnered with Credly to use their Acclaim platform to distribute digital versions of all your Nutanix certifications. Digital Badges provide information describing your qualifications and the steps you completed to earn your certification.

There is no cost for using a Digital Badge, it’s simply another way to share your achievement with the world.

Each digital badge you earn comes with these benefits:
  • Social Sharing – Share your accomplishment on social platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Xing.
  • Logo – Download the logo representing your certification/badge for use in e-mail signatures or other representation outside of social media.
  • Printable Certificates – Print out your certificate, which has been newly redesigned to be more visually appealing and suitable for display.
  • Verification – Provide verification of your certification to potential employers by sending a public link or e-mail directly from the badge page.
  • Skills and Job Insights – See and apply for jobs based on both individual skills validated by your certification and the certification itself.
You can learn more about Nutanix Digital Badges here or by reaching out to certification@nutanix.com.

We hope you enjoy this new benefit!

2 replies



Do you know how long it takes for the process with credly for them to receive notification of our certification.

I ask because I recently acquired and passed a certification, I haven't received anything from credly. It's been over a week.



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Hi @Ranjb - at this time it’s still a manual process (the integration should be complete soon I’m told) so it may have been delayed a bit with the US holiday, but it should happen within a week normally. You can always reach out to certification@nutanix.com for an update.