Use your Digital Nutanix Badges to Land Your Dream Job!

  • 10 September 2019
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As many of you already know, we have partnered with Credly to use their Acclaim platform to deliver digital badges for Nutanix Certifications. These badges provide information about your qualifications and are an easy way to share the investment you’ve made in your own professional growth.

But did you know you can use these badges to find your dream job from the the Labor Market Insights data?

What are Labor Market Insights?

Labor Market Insights is a neat area on the Acclaim Platform that helps you find career opportunities. You can filter by job title, location, employer, and even salary range. All the job postings on the platform are active, as data is updated 24/7.

The screenshots below walk you through the two ways to find relevant jobs:

  • Search by badge
  • Search by skill tag

Accessing Labor Market Insights

Go to your profile page on Acclaim.





Click on one of your badges and a new page will open. Click on the icon on the right hand side under ‘Related Jobs’.







On this page, you can scroll down to find more information on different jobs like top locations, top employers, top job functions, and even view jobs by salary ranges.












If you click on one of those rows above, it will take you to a page with all the open positions. If you’re interested in that job, click on that specific job and it will bring you to that company’s website.







There is another way you can search for jobs! You can use the skill tags assigned to a specific badge of yours. Go to your profile and click a badge you have. Then, click on one of your skill tags. From there, that view will focus on jobs that will require the individual tag you selected.






The Acclaim platform can be a really useful tool for you to leverage your skills and digital badges to find future career opportunities. There is no cost for using a digital badge and there is no cost to use the platform, so come and explore what your future has in store for you!

Create or log in to your account at and you’ll see the badges that you’ve earned. In addition, you can learn more about Nutanix Digital Badges here or by reaching out to





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