The Advanced Topics for the Enterprise Cloud is Here!

Update July 10: We’ve had a few reports of people receiving error messages. If you get the following error, "Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site", please register for portal access here: If that does not fix the problem for you, please contact and they can assist you.

We have finally come out with the Advanced Topics for the Enterprise Cloud! The Nutanix Advanced Topics class can be used as an exam preparation for the NCAP Exam.

This self-paced, online training covers advanced features found in your Nutanix solutions, including disaster recovery, security, networking, and Nutanix Files and Nutanix Volumes. The eight modules in the Advanced Topics will help you expand your knowledge and help you work towards getting your NCAP certification.





The key highlights of this training include:

- Bite-sized content
- Easily consumable training modules
- Self-paced so you can finish them at your own pace
- Introduction videos that brief you on what is covered in each module
- Each module is independent, so you don’t have to take them in any set order







We look forward to seeing you explore the different modules and areas that are of interest to you.

Get started here:





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Great news, but when I try to access your link and sign in, I am getting the error below.

Education Web Content

Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site (2144041)
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@JKoons that message usually means something is not quite right on the back end of our system with your account. Please email and they can fix it for you.
Thanks for the info Jill and will do
I am getting the error as well, I have access to but I keep getting the following error:

Education Web Content

Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site (2222483)
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Thanks for letting us know Levi - please email the team and they can fix your access.
Thank you
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I've been dealing with the access error for a couple weeks now. I've attempted the registration steps provided and get a confirmation email each time. However, I never actually get a follow up email saying it's completed. It's very spotty and I've attempted to reach out to the team. They always tell me to complete the registration steps and then stop replying to my emails.

Very disappointing.
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I too registered multiple times but nothing happened, continue to ask me to register for access.
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@hardeepm have you emailed If so, please PM me your case number and I will escalate it for you.
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Case #: 00629297
Subject: NCAP certification