Nutanix Certified Advanced Professional (NCAP) is Here!

  • 10 January 2019
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Take the next step in your Nutanix certification journey!

Earning the new NCAP certification will validate your ability to:
  • perform complex administrative tasks on a Nutanix Cluster
  • optimize virtualized workloads and infrastructure components in an AOS 5.5 deployment
Download the Certification Overview to learn more about it and discover if it's right for you.

When you're ready to get started, the Exam Blueprint Guide tells you exactly what's covered, the pre-requisites, and gives you links to related training and other prep resources.

The exam will be delivered on our new remotely proctored environment. You can take the exam one time for free (through January 31, 2019) and after that it will cost $199 per attempt.

Any questions? Post them below

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9 replies

Hello, i already have NCP certificate and want to take an attempt to pass NCAP.
But i don't see link to take NCAP exam. What is way to take NCAP for free till 31 Junuary 2019?
Link wich you provided is connected with NCP exam.
Yeah, even I have completed NCP and waiting for taking the NCAP exam. Please let me know the process to take the NCAP exam...
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The instructions to take any technical.exam.are the same, so you will log in the same way as with the NCP. Here is a link to the detailed instructions:
Thank you. Now i see a opportunity to take NCAP exam. Before I could not to login to my profile in Now it works! I will try to pass NCAP till 31 January.
Hi Bender555, When you are planning to take the NCAP exam?
I recently attempted to login to the exam page but I keep getting the following message:
Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site (1600169)

I can’t get past this page:

I am a customer and registered user of the education portal.
Hi JillLiles,

I can't click Pay button to complete register NCAP Exam.

PS. I schedule NCAP Exam at 26 Feb 2019

I also cannot complete the registration process for NCAP. Here is screenshot of what's happening when I attempt to register! My time for the free exam is running please reply!

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@Kittiphot - We have emulated your account and it appears to be working fine for us. Please try again. If you still run into problems, please reach out to PSI directly using the support info on their site. Payment processing is not part of the system we manage.

@dptaschinski - Your issue was addressed & you should have received an email from our support team this morning.