New Delivery Platform for Nutanix Certifications

  • 4 January 2019
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The Nutanix Certification team is thrilled to let you know about our new exam delivery platform, available today!

This new platform offers streamlined enrollment and registration, while maintaining exam security and the flexibility of remote delivery. The new platform will also provide faster exam results – you’ll know your certification status immediately. Download step by step registration instructions here.

What’s new:

  • Exam Scheduling: The new system has you schedule your exam time in advance, which lets you plan your time and study schedule. Of course, we know things change, so rescheduling is simple too.
  • Self Service Exam Registration: Simply log into your Nutanix Education account and click on the “Take an Exam” link. Select the exam you want to take and you’ll be automatically transferred to the new platform to finish registering.
  • Immediate Results: Because the exam is proctored in real-time you no longer have to wait for someone to review your exam and provide results. You’ll know if you passed right away, and if you didn’t pass you’ll receive a breakdown of the knowledge areas to focus on for next time. Note: it may take a few days to receive your certificate while the systems sync.
  • Simplified Identity Confirmation: Our new system verifies your identity during your exam appointment, removing the need for a separate “onboarding” process.

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34 replies

Thanks JillLiles for the update.

However, upon verifying my nutanix education portal i could not find any link which takes me to the new platform or exam registration. Please adivse
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Once you are logged in, you can use the link in the instructions posted above to go directly to the exam page.
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@JillLiles when I try to follow that link, I get this error; Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site (1557087)

I am a customer, logged in to the support portal and working tickets, in the communities and no issues with all of that. How do I get authorized to view the link/site?
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@jlackman please try again - there was a setting on your account that was incorrect. We have fixed it now so you should be okay to register now. If you have further issues, please contact and they can assist.
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Hi @JillLiles ,

On my account, I also cannot find the exams i want to take.
All the redirections point me to the standard partner portal page. (logged in or not)
I would like to take the NCSE L1 exam but that is nowhere to be found. (not even on proctortrack anymore)

Can you please advise ?

thanx in advance,
Martijn Ditmar
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Hi Martijn - when you log into the Partner Portal, you should go to the Learn section, and then click the "Take an Exam" link at the bottom of that page. That page will show the exams that you are eligible for.

If that does not work, please contact and they can assist you further.
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Hi Jill - thank you for the quick reply.

Seems like I need to contact Education since the procedure you described, brings me to Proctortrack/Verificient site and then states: Sorry, this test is no longer active.

Thanx for your answer and i will email education about this.

Kind regards,

Hi Jill,

I've been trying to get to the exam site to book the exam but when ever I try following the link for a partner from the document you posted it times out, is there a problem with the exam booking process? I've already sent an email to the education support team and am awaiting a reply.

Hi Jill,

I am having a similar issue, relayware timeout errors when trying to schedule an exam, I have reported the issue to support but I am unable to schedule an exam and had hoped to get it complete by the end of this week. It's a little frustrating as we have until the end of Jan to update our partner training and we can progress as the system is down.

Relayware has experienced a problem and is unable to load the page you requested.
Please re-try. If the problem re-occurs then please contact the Support Team.
(0-2000359)Go Back

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Seems as though I am having a similar issue, unable to access the testing portal. Thanks.
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Martijn - If you click the "Take an Exam" link from the Partner Portal you should be taken to our new platform. and not ProctorTrack/Verificient at all. Please log out, and try again, then contact education support if that still does not work.

John/Kev/JW - unfortunately Relayware (the platform our site sits on top of) has been having intermittent system issues for the past few days. It has been stable for me personally over the last few hours, but that's unfortunately no guarantee. Rest assured that we have reported and escalated these issues to our support vendor & they are working on fixing them.
I also get the below error when trying to follow the end user link.

Education Web Content

Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site (1571484)
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@JillLiles I was able to get successfully signed up today, thanks for the help.
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@mundayn please send an email to and they can assist you with that
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I am get the below error when trying to follow the end user link. Please help.

Education Web Content

Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site (1576065)
same, I also get the below error when trying to follow the end user link.

Education Web Content

Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site (1571484)
I emailed about the error and have not heard anything back yet. Will post here if there is a resolution.
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I hope the not authorized error would be fixed since most of us are experiencing this issue. We're a Nutanix Customer and would like to take the available exam before deadline. I've emailed education and have not received any reply.
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Another End User customer here, I also get the "Education Web Content" error I have also emailed the education support address today to seek a resolution.
As a customer I get:

Education Web Content

Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site (1589987)

I'll email education...

Education Web Content

Also getting....Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site (1589987)

this is so frustrating..been getting this for a few days, no change.

I emailed support 10 days ago and again a different email 8 days ago, still not a reply.

my Nutanix account manager said he tried too but no one from is responding and that is due to a backlog of the system switch.

Nutanix should really keep up its game. Changing your system without alerting your customer ahead of time? what is this, 1980 when there was no email?

I prepared 2 weeks for my NCP, failed 1st try and about to attempt the 2nd time after days of study and I get your account is inactive on the Verificient website, contact their support and Verificient's tech support has not a single clue that Nutanix does not work with them anymore??

And you cannot yet get the new system working for 2 weeks, all the complaint regarding the login are being ignored here, better yet, with NO official explanation and apologies?

This "free" exam voucher is just a joke. at least make an official announcement about your current failing system so people would stop wondering..
I am getting the same error
Unfortunately you are not authorized to access this site (1598078)
Can we have someone help us?
I have also sent an email to education@nutanix with no results. It say's a team member will get back with me in the next 72 hours but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
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So I am totally confusing that, now howmany Education Portal have insdie the Nutanix?

Students and without Partners how can attend your exams? any restriction?

Last time I attended many exams in Microsoft, VMware & Cisco they have can access one MC ID, VMware ID, Cisco ID etc. The certificates all showing one place. No more tension.

I have completed two certification in Nutanix (NPP 5.0 & NCP 5.5). Inside have not indicate any certification number or anything.

Job employer, how can believe this certificates? any solution?



@mundayn please send an email to and they can assist you with that


Still no reply and still getting the same error.