Free NCP Exam Attempt through January 2019

  • 29 November 2018
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👉 Update 1/4/18

With the release of our new exam platform (read more here) the process to claim your free exam attempt has changed. Now, when you log into the Take an Exam page you’ll see a voucher code to the right of the exam(s) that you are eligible for. You’ll want to make a note of this code, so that when you reach the payment section of the registration & scheduling process you can enter it to claim your free attempt.

Make sure you capture your voucher code before January 31, 2019 as they will not be available after that date.


It’s the season of gratitude, and to thank you all for your continued support of the Nutanix Certification program and our newest Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) exam, we have decided to offer everyone 1 free exam attempt through January 31, 2019.

We are also working on a new exam delivery and proctoring platform that will streamline your exam-taking experience – watch this space for more information in December.

If you have any questions, please ask them on the NCP Community Discussion Board.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm for Nutanix and Nutanix Certification.

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28 replies

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Great news! Especially on the new delivery and proctoring. glad to see that. Merry Christmas indeed.
Good news this so encouraging to take the exam i have downloaded the blue print of the exam and it say it is free only till 28th of November ,so this extend is really nice to take the exam
Hi, how can I register for this free NCP test? which is supposed to be available till 1/31/2019?

First of all Apologies for asking the same question but since i am short of time i wanted to check with you directly.
I am a Partner and i have completed the ECA trainings before 28th Nov,18
I am planning to take the NCP5.5 EXAM
I wanted to know how many TOTAL attempts I have and whats the DEADLINE.
I had sent an email to "" but i haven't received any reply from them
My Understanding is that i have total of 3 attempts and the deadline is 31 Jan,19.

Please let me know if my understanding is correct
Appreciate your response
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Can anybody tell me how can I take the NCAP Exam and whether it is available for free till 31st Jan or not.

I raised a query on but haven't got a response from them up till now.
Education team at Nutanix doesnt reply unless you followup and at times even then they will take their sweet time to reply.
Not at all a professional gesture.
It yhas happened with me 3 times so i cant even give them a benifit of doubt.
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Muhammad Usman Ayub - the NCAP exam is not available yet, but we expect to make an announcement soon.
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I have emailed them a couple of times over the last few weeks to get an account so I could take the exam. I haven't heard anything back...
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The support team has had a large number of cases recently so their response time has been delayed. Please be patient and they will get in touch as soon as possible.
Any estimate time to driver Proctortrack login credential, I have emailed them a lot of time with the following cases number:

Case #: 00446610 at 9/12/2018
Case #: 00451893 at 17/12/2018
Case #: 00456537 at today " 23/12/2018

Kindly help me to finalize those cases .

Great opportunity and thanks for sharing. I hope I can take advantage of it.
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Would this extension be also applied to NCSE? Please extend this as well. I just passed NCP and would like to take this as well. Best Treat for 2019!
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Yes, this applies to partners taking the NCSE Level 1 exam too.
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Thank you for the reply. Happy New Year Jill!
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Greetings for 2019!

WOW - I just logged into my ECA training and could jump of joy when I saw my NCP certificate.

What is the next step after NCP for an engineer, is it NCAP?

I will also complete the NCSE Level 1 training - I think this is more pre-sales?

Thank you Nutanix!
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Congratulations on your NCP!

There are two options for you now, and your role really determines which will be more appropriate.

  • NCAP - This is the advanced administration certification and is focused more on post installation topics.
  • NCSE Level 1 - This is a partner/employee only certification and is focused more on pre-sales topics.
Of course, you can always do both as well 🙂
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Thank you JillLiles,
Much appreciated!

I am an engineer - /partner, but I will do both, more knowledge... 😃
I must just remember to get the voucher exam number for NCSE.

Can I get it via the NU.School.. training link?
When I click on the NCSE level 1 training I only see the modules...
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When you log into the Partner Portal, go to the Learn Section & click on Take an Exam. The table that appears will show you the exams you're eligible for, and provide the voucher code for them.
When I log into the Partner Portal, go to the Learn Section I don't have Take an Exam option
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Thank you JillLiles

I got for NCAP 5.5
Is the NCAP training available?

Yesterday i received email from Nutanix about the certification registrations and exam details.

information is available in
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I recently passed NCP in proctortrack and still have 2 chances of taking NCSE after failing the first try. I spend time studying again and waited for 7 days retry attempt. I tried logging again yesterday and I got account inactive status. Is this normal? I know we still have till end of Jan 2019 to take both NCSE & NCAP for free. Anyone, can please clarify?
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Is the NCAP traing booked via class room training at a cost, as I don't see any NCAP training in the Nu.School.

So everyone is taking the free NCAP exam without training?
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There is nothing mentioned about NCAP as well as NCSE in aluciani post.
We just can only take the NCP for free 1 time till 31 Jan 2019.
Do I need partner account or customer for NCP exam.