Move VM between containers AHV

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Hi All , am i the only one with this problem ?

I wasn't able to move a virtual disk from one container to another.
Tried clon , copy , vm.disk_update .....

I'm thinking that maybe export and import vm again is the only way to acomplish this....

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We have this proces covered in KB 2663:
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The KB article referenced affects AHV 4.1.x .
Does it imply this approach does not work on version >4.1.x
If I wanted to move vdisks between containers on AHV 4.7 or AHV 5.0 , would the KB2663 approach still apply?
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mmigone were you successful with the move? what version of AHV is your cluster running?
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It's a bit weird that there is no such basic function as moving a VM disk between containers. Guys this is basic stuff...
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konfu thank you for the candid feedback, we appreciate it. I'm curious, in your case, I've got a few questions
1) what drove the need to move a VM from one container to another?
2) What do you use the multiple containers for? e.g separating separate business units or applications? or managing data reduction policies separate?
Hey Jon

This bugs me also, I replicated a Template from another site and had to do it to the Nutanix Managment Store. I want to move it to the container I created for VM's but it apperas there is no way to do this. Also on a hybrid array someone may have a datastore created that does not have flash tier enabled and wants to move a vm out of that datastore to one that does have the flash tier enabled.
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hey David,
I getcha, that makes sense.

Short term, from a replication perspective, depending on how you have your topology setup, you could do a datastore mapping (in the remote site settings) such that the VM you'd replicate would get directed into the right container. Either way, I see your point

WRT Hybrid - you'd have to intentionally disable tiering at the CLI level to make that happen, which is to say that all datastores have flash enabled in the nutanix world unless you try real hard to make that not the case.
The problem I having with replication is, I am doing crosssite replicaiton for a few VM's and once that datastore is selected I am unabe to use it again.

For Example this is how it is setup now

Site 1 to Arcive at site 2
Site1datastore Site1Datastore_Vault

However, I want to send someting from Site2's primary datastore, I am unable to select Site1's primary datastore as it is already in use in the datastore mapping. Lucily I am just moving OS templates right now so I am moving them into the Image use the acli create image command.
-----> 2)
e.g: its hard to get some data reduction in vms running database and media servers. in this cases we should move those vms to another containers without data reduction policies. is there some way to do that?
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ideally we just need to add this type of feature, which we're looking into
Here is another case - I have a Disk image (stored in a SelfService Image container by default). If I would like to create a new machine based on this image - it would clone/copy image and keep it here in SelfService container, no way to override this. Like - really?!
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Another example: I have a cluster that supports both Prod and non-Prod VMs. The Prod VMs live on a container configured with RF3. The non-Prod VMs live on a container configured with RF2. If my Operations team "accidentally" provisions a non-Prod VM on the RF3 container or a Prod VM on the RF2 container, the VM would need to be moved. If I cannot move the VM to the other container, then I would need to have the VM destroyed and rebuilt. This could be business impacting if not caught during the build process.