The 2014 Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC)

  • 24 December 2014
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I am honored to report that we received over 80 detailed Nutanix Technology Professionals (NTC) Program applications. Our selection committee has completed a rigorous, calculated process to determine the 2014 membership awardees worldwide.

The Review Process
To be considered for the program, prospects had to complete and submit the online NTC Application Form, and applicants were reviewed individually. The review process consisted of a thorough assessment of the information that each of the applicants provided, as well as thorough extensive on-line research and peer review. After the committee members completed their individual reviews, the committee met jointly to ensure consensus in determining the awardees for 2014.

The Results
We appreciate the significant level of interest that we received during our call for applications, and each and every applicant had very impressive qualifications. The detailed selection process was followed to the letter at a microscopic level, to make sure we thoroughly reviewed and researched each applicant.

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