NX-9000 Series: All-Flash Meets the Predictability of Web-scale

  • 30 November 2015
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NX-9000 Series: All-Flash Meets the Predictability of Web-scale
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All-flash storage supercharges application performance, but the optimum way for IT teams to deploy flash is still a subject of debate. This is the last in a series of blog posts exploring the advantages of all-flash hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for enterprise apps. The first post covered a recent IDC report on optimizing flash for demanding applications. The second post explored Nutanix all-flash advantages.

Nutanix all-flash solutions offer major advantages over networked storage in terms of performance, availability, and manageability¾advantages you expect from web-scale technology. The faster pace of innovation that comes with best-of-breed server technology is yet another advantage.

Traditional storage vendors rev their hardware platforms at a much slower pace than their server counterparts due to the coupling of software and hardware. By being able to take advantage of the latest processor, memory, IO and storage technology from leading suppliers including Intel, Nutanix greatly accelerates delivery of its latest platforms. And, because you can mix new and existing models, you always invest in the latest technology as you grow, so your infrastructure stays current.

Nutanix introduced the industry’s first all-flash hyperconverged platform, the NX-9000 series, in late 2014, and has already released an updated all-flash models. At the same time, Nutanix has continued to add new software capabilities to further enhance our platforms, including VM flash mode that delivers the benefits of all-flash performance from existing hybrid systems.

The Fully Refreshed NX-9060-G4
The latest all-flash platform, the NX-9060-G4 improves on the hardware in its predecessor in every dimension with:

  • Double the storage capacity at half the cost per TB
  • As many as four nodes in just 2U of rack space
  • Faster Haswell CPUs and more cores for greater performance
  • Quad 10GbE for greater network throughput and redundancy
  • Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) for even greater security
  • Improved economics – more work with fewer nodes

The NX-9060-G4 combines all-flash performance and price/performance benefits with the full advantage of hyperconverged infrastructure, and a fully software-defined operating model. The latest software release, Acropolis 4.5, adds to the functionality and performance of the new platform.

The last release (4.1.3) introduced erasure coding as a tech preview. Nutanix EC-X is now fully available for production use. Based on the patent pending Bronnikov-Gill algorithm, EC-X helps you keep the same level of data and cluster resiliency while reducing the storage footprint by as much as 70%.

VM Flash Mode
The NX-9000 Series can support workloads at any scale, including demanding and large tier-0 SQL Server and Oracle databases where all-flash configurations are necessary to achieve maximum performance across the entire database.

For customers with mixed workload environments, Nutanix has introduced VM Flash Mode in Acropolis 4.5. VM Flash Mode lets you pin specific VMs or vdisks to the cluster-wide flash tier, giving you the ability to mix IOPS and latency-sensitive workloads such as tier-0 databases with regular workloads in the same Nutanix cluster without creating resource silos. You enable this feature at VM or virtual disk granularity, providing fine-grained control over I/O performance.

All-Flash HCI: Real-World Advantages
The combination of all-flash and Web-scale delivers advantages for IT deployments of all types. The following examples highlight several customers who chose Nutanix to accelerate Oracle performance and improve overall IT operations.

Nutanix Performance Exceeds IBM All Flash at Financial Services Firm. An 80+-year-old credit union serving hundreds of thousands of customers chose the Nutanix NX-9000 series to wring more performance from its tier-0 Oracle database environment.

The credit union was replacing its IBM RamSan and needed to deliver minimum latency and maximum throughput across a large database in tens of TB range with no tolerance for outages. Nutanix met all requirements, and delivered performance that exceeded the previous three-tier environment.

2X Performance and Reduced DB Costs for Natural Food Company. A well-known and fast-growing natural food producer was struggling with aging infrastructure. It needed a new platform that would simplify migration and reduce risk while addressing performance issues with Oracle E-Business Suite running the company financials. Completing month-end close processes had become a significant challenge, and because of resource constraints, simplifying the overall stack to achieve “Lean IT” was critical.

By deploying Nutanix, the company was able to:

  • Double overall performance, effectively slashing the time needed for month-end processing by more than 50%
  • Consolidate Oracle VMs to reduce license costs
  • Simplify lifecycle management for their infrastructure

The IT team also quickly recognized the benefit of Nutanix value-added features such as space-efficient snapshots for data protection and cloning to support development and testing.

Still looking at standalone all-flash storage from {EMC-HP-PURE-NETAPP-IBM}? Talk to Nutanix first to find out why flash storage for your enterprise apps shouldn’t live on a network.

This post was authored by Sachin Chheda & Adam Moreland.

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