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  • 31 January 2014
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Nutanix University
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Nutanix is proud to offer a wide range of educational courses ensuring customer success in fully implementing their virtualized and software-defined data centers.

Instructor Led Courses

These courses are available as private onsite classes or from our Authorized Training Partners:


This course is designed to train administrators (system, network, and storage) to successfully deploy Nutanix in the datacenter. It covers all of the tasks Nutanix administrators perform, including configuring and maintaining a Nutanix environment. It also introduces basic Nutanix troubleshooting tools, offers tips for solving common problems and provides guidelines for escalating problems to Nutanix support.

Check out the Training Datasheet here:


This hands-on course features extensive coverage of performance management for Nutanix clusters, including options for optimization, troubleshooting performance issues and tuning. You'll learn to monitor system performance and perform advanced networking and storage tasks to help optimize an AOS datacenter. It explains in detail how to configure and manage major Acropolis services such as Acropolis Block Services (ABS) and Acropolis File Services (AFS).

The course also explains how to define and manage assets and applications using Calm, including how to connect to clouds, automate the Life Cycle Management (LCM) of applications and how to implement and configure a Self Service Portal. You'll become more adept at managing virtualized workloads, including effectively cloning and deleting VMs, moving them between storage containers, and working with advanced VM management techniques.

Check out the Training Datasheet here:


Digital Training

Nutanix University offers a wide range of self-paced technical education delivered online at no cost. Request an account by contacting

Nutanix University on YouTube features videos on timely topics from our support team (Tech TopX) and informal interviews with Nutanix engineers (Beers with Engineers).


Stay Connected

For more information about any of our available Education offerings, contact

Follow us on twitter at @NutanixEDU

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6 replies

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Hi Nutanix Will you please help me out i need to get certified for NSS,NPP,NPX. I need online classes Thank you
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Hi @adnan

Thank for the inqury, you can find classroom and online schedules here - I have also sent you a private message with the details :)

Hope to see you certificated soon!
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Dear Nutanix,

I'm interested to kick start my Nutanix certification with Nutanix Platform Sales Representative (NPSR). Please show me where to begin.

Many thanks.

Best regards,
Alvin Wong
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Dear Nutanix,

I'm interested to kick start Nutanix certification too. Please let me know how can i begin. Thank you
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Hi, . I'm happy to help!

You can review our certifications program at

The first step is Nutanix Platform Professional, or NPP. Please email for an account on our new portal, to begin the process with our 4.5 administration eLearning course.

For an added step, check out Online Plus. This combines our eLearning with access to a hosted lab and a Nutanix instructor for online office hours. Our next session is March 7-18.

We also have instructor-led classes, delivered around the world, Please check our online schedule to find a 2-day administration course that meets your needs.
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Dear Sir / Mam ,

I have done NPP (Nutanix Platform Professional) certification and what is the procedure for NSS certification ?