Nutanix in Healthcare: Preparing for HIMSS

  • 26 February 2016
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In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in healthcare IT requirements with the uptake of EMR, PAC, ECM* etc., and tech vendors are constantly looking for unique ways that their products can add value in healthcare.

When technology companies create a healthcare vertical to address healthcare IT needs, they sometimes cast too wide a net. The healthcare market includes a variety of entities; providers, payors, life sciences and genomics, pharma, consumer technologies, etc. To establish relationships with manufacturers, ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors), and customers in all of these segments takes a lot of bandwidth, and there isn’t much overlap or leverage between some of these healthcare entities.

At Nutanix, we’ve decided to start with a focused approach. Our account, alliances and marketing teams are investing time and resources in the Provider market. We work with customers and partners that serve hospitals and health systems, and their affiliated physician practices. This allows us to establish a strong presence in healthcare with examples of customer success before expanding into adjacent areas.

And already, we are having great success. We have a solid set of ISV validations in place, with room for growth, and we have many happy healthcare provider customers. Our healthcare business is rapidly growing, and we expect this to continue as we add regional resources to provide even more focus in targeted areas.

With the importance of reliable delivery of EMR apps to clinicians, and Nutanix’s ability to provide the optimal platform for this, the provider market was an obvious place to start. We are already approved by the 3 leading US EMR providers for Citrix workloads on our platform. Every day, more than one million American clinicians use Citrix to access their most important applications. An obvious place for Nutanix to showcase our capabilities.

At Nutanix, we have taken a true vertical approach to healthcare. That includes dedicated resources for healthcare alliances and marketing, leveraging our technology partners with healthcare-specific value-adds, and also building out account teams that serve only the healthcare provider market. With this comprehensive approach, we are developing the industry expertise and relationships needed to deliver great solutions to our customers, ensuring their success.

As with most alliances organizations, our job is to develop relationships and product validations with partners (EMR and Imaging vendors in our case) so that customers can use our technologies and receive full support from their application providers. We have validations in place with the leading EMR vendors, and several other healthcare apps successfully running on our platform. In the imaging space, we have several customers using Nutanix to run their PACS systems, and we have created a reference architecture with DELL and Hyland Onbase. We will continue to build out our PACS and content management partnerships in 2016.

At the annual HIMSS conference next week, we’ll be showing off our Enterprise Cloud platform and the work we’ve done with healthcare partners and customers. Join us at booth 10919 to learn more! The booth theater schedule is packed with great presentations, and you’ll have a chance to win a Moto 360 smartwatch by visiting our passport partner booths.

Our HIMSS presence isn’t limited to the Nutanix booth, and we’d like to see you at the events:

  • We will be co-hosting a reception with Lenovo on Tuesday night: Register here
  • On Wednesday, we will be co-hosting a luncheon with Intel where attendees can learn more about St Lukes Health System’s experience with Nutanix. Register here
  • And in our Thursday panel discussion, hear directly from our customers about their Nutanix deployments: Register today

This is the year of healthcare at Nutanix, so keep an eye on us as we enable our customers around the world to more efficiently run their most critical applications.

*EMR – Electronic Medical Records; PACS – Picture Archiving and Communication System; ECM – Enterprise Content Management.

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