Automating migration: Carbonite DoubleTake Move earns 'Nutanix Ready' validation

  • 30 May 2017
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Automating migration: Carbonite DoubleTake Move earns 'Nutanix Ready' validation
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This blog was authored by Greg Ross, Carbonite DoubleTake Solution Architect.

With technology changing, companies need to be agile with their data and have the ability to scale-out their environments. Nutanix provides the infrastructure to do this with their enterprise cloud platform that is built on hyper-converged technology

Carbonite DoubleTake MoveTM, a powerful yet simple any-to-any data migration solution, has officially been validated as Nutanix Ready.

While we agree that the datacenter component is a key piece in this puzzle, we know that the migration of your business critical data is just as vital in this entire situation, which is where we are focused. Move cuts out the middlemanHistorically, engineering teams have not had many options to automate migration from physical to virtual on AHV, the native Nutanix hypervisor.

Migration required manual steps, scripts prone to user error, or leveraging migration tools from other hypervisor vendors as an intermediate step. This can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. With Move, users can migrate workloads into AHV from multiple environments without the intermediate step and with greater reliability.

Migrate workloads with near-zero downtimeMove uses real-time, byte-level replication to create a replica of the data, applications, database, or complete server being migrated. The replica is kept in sync, mirroring changes to all essential data—including permissions, attributes, file names, deletions, and encryption settings.

Move replication maximizes bandwidth efficiency, sending the smallest possible chunks of data, incorporating multiple levels of compression, and enabling bandwidth throttling.

The target server can be validated and cutovers can be tested at any time without disrupting business operations. Cutover automation is available through the unified, graphical console, and downtime is limited to seconds or minutes required for the cutover. Carbonite DoubleTake Move can take workloads directly to Nutanix AHV in a single hop and enables migrations between differing hardware, storage types, and OS versions, and any combination of physical, virtual and cloud platforms.

Together, Nutanix and Carbonite can help solve your data and infrastructure challenges with a scalable, validated solution designed to address business needs. One of the challenges many companies face is losing revenue associated to downtime for executing migrations, plus the additional labor cost of having to do them during off-peak hours like nights and weekends. Carbonite’s migration technology will ensure your data has been migrated into your new Nutanix environment without any downtime, data loss or system productivity during regular business hours. And once your Nutanix nodes are up and running, you will be able to take advantage of the enterprise cloud platform that is built on hyper-converged technology to quickly and efficiently scale to meet future needs while spending less effort and time managing your infrastructure.

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