Around the Web: Nutanix AOS 5.6

  • 27 April 2018
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Around the Web: Nutanix AOS 5.6
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Last week on April 16 we released Nutanix AOS 5.6, which is jammed packed with features and capabilities. You can read the official blog post Nutanix AOS 5.6 is here along with AFS to catch up on the news.

Several of our Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC) and bloggers wrote about the release as well. Here is a round up of community posts about AOS 5.6.

Nutanix AOS 5.6 Released |
Nutanix has released version 5.6 of their Acropolis Operating System (AOS). This is the next installment of their AOS “Obelix” release from late last year.

Nutanix AOS 5.6 |
Now it’s the turn of AOS 5.6 (code name Obelix) picks up where 5.5 left off and makes Nutanix an increasingly persuasive choice for IT organizations to build their enterprise clouds with.

Nutanix Acropolis 5.6 |
Nutanix Just release AOS 5.6 along with Prism Central 5.6, AFS 3 and AHV-(20170830.115).

Initially it was planned as version 5.5.1, but as there are plenty of new features a “0.+1.0” Release is more than worthy.

Top 3 Features of Nutanix AOS 5.6 |
On April 16th, Nutanix released it's newest version of AOS (Acropolis Operating System). The 5.6 release has 9+ new features.

Nutanix AOS 5.6 Release! |
Good day friends! I don’t typically write about software releases, however this is a big one for Nutanix

Nutanix – Flow Networking |
AOS 5.6 introduces a SDN function to the Nutanix platform, in particular – Micro Segmentation.

Nutanix AOS 5.6 Release Details |
The following will highlight what is new with AOS 5.6 release, originally pencilled in as a 5.5.1 release but it has now been changed to 5.6.

Micro-segmentation using Nutanix Platform |
Over recent years the Nutanix platform has matured at a rapid rate to provide, what Nutanix call, “a next-gen Enterprise Cloud Operating System”.

If you also have written a post on the AOS 5.6 release, share a link to your post in the comments below.

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Great group of folks on the list! Solid release - well done!
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ETA for CE?
I would like to know more about the authentication and security features in AOS.

  1. Is there any integration between AOS and external directory services, especially cloud-based directory services like Azure Active Directory?
  2. What security measures protect critical wipe-down features like cluster deletion? Are there several layers of security, or are those features accessible to any one cluster admin account, enabling unilateral action?
  3. If AOS is not integrated with an external identity directory, are it's UIDs/GUIDs being generated strictly according to Linux norms, or are there additional factors?
  4. Are there any multi-factor authentication mechanisms to protect administrative accounts?
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Hi @markbuse

Might be best to open a forum post on the topic for more visibility vs. comment on the blog post - Cheers