An interview with Rob Wilson, IT Manager, Daramalan College

  • 22 February 2016
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Background: Canberra’s Daramalan College is a co-educational Catholic secondary school that offers diverse academic, pastoral, vocational, sporting and cultural education. Rob Wilson, IT Manager at Daramalan develops, operates and maintains the college’s IT environment. We recently met with Rob to discuss Daramalan’s Nutanix-powered VDI project which has enabled a standardised education experience for students with BYOD. Here are the highlights:

Q: Why did Daramalan introduce Nutanix to its data centre?
Nutanix was brought in for a very specific purpose, and that is to enable a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that could drive our bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy. We wanted a simple, standardised way to give students uninterrupted access to all the applications they used at school but on their own devices and from any location.

Q: Can you describe your transition to the Nutanix infrastructure?
It was quick and easy. We worked with Nutanix and local company, Qirx, which installed and configured it in a couple of hours. I’ve been managing it since. It’s a great solution because it’s very easy to operate and maintain. It doesn’t actually take up much of my time at all because I don’t have to worry about various layers of infrastructure and server storage; it’s all in one box, and if I need to scale up, I just add another and off it goes. Any time I need to push updates or new software through, I can do so without getting in the way of users.

Q: What benefits has Nutanix brought to Daramalan?
Nutanix allows us to cater for up to 600 virtual desktops. More importantly, it gives students access to a standard desktop environment on whatever device they already own. That means they can use our writing software, education resources, and the Microsoft Office suite on familiar technology. It also makes them more productive after school hours because they are still able to use the same apps with the same experience.

Q: What feedback have you received from students and teachers since implementing Nutanix for BYOD?
It’s been very positive. Students and teachers are actually using it as much at home as they are in classrooms. That has a profound impact on learning and teaching because it doesn’t restrict education to the typical school day.

This post was authored by Fiona Partlow, Senior Manager, Global Customer Reference Program at Nutanix

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