WinMagic and Nutanix Partner to Better Secure the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Market

  • 30 October 2017
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WinMagic and Nutanix Partner to Better Secure the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Market
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This is a guest post by James LaPalme, VP Business Development, WinMagic

As the demand for more sophisticated, highly secure, always-on infrastructure grows at an unprecedented rate, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions have stepped up to answer the needs of this next generation of computing. Hyper-convergence is a rapidly exploding market and is set to displace traditional server and storage models. The future lies in turnkey hybrid cloud solutions, like Nutanix, and we’re excited to announce that WinMagic is now fully validated to help HCI customers attain greater control and certainty over their data, having achieved Nutanix Ready AHV validation as an official member of Nutanix’s Elevate Alliance program.

For those unfamiliar with us, WinMagic has traditionally been known for our endpoint data security – with over 20 years’ experience protecting over 8 million endpoints worldwide – but in 2016, leveraging all the strengths we’d built into our endpoint encryption and intelligent key management solution, we created SecureDoc CloudVM. Our goal was clear and simple: Provide a flexible and high-performance data security solution that protects workloads and data against breach or undisclosed access, regardless of the cloud platform. With the addition of SecureDoc CloudVM, WinMagic now helps enterprises unify and improve data security across physical, virtualized (VM and VDI) and cloud computing environments, regardless of the operating system.

So how does WinMagic’s SecureDoc CloudVM benefit Nutanix’s customers?

Firstly, we help Unify Data Security by giving you ultimate control of your data security. While all third-party cloud providers carefully secure their cloud perimeter and infrastructure, just like Nutanix does within its HCI platform, ultimate responsibility for security of the sensitive data is still your responsibility. SecureDoc Cloud VM allows enterprises to fully encrypt virtual servers and data within Nutanix’s Acropolis Hypervisor, and any other hypervisor for that matter, to prevent data breaches, unapproved copying and snapshots, relocation, public cloud exploitation and other threats. Here’s a short list of the many benefits of the solution:
  • Benefit from industry-leading, unified, fully-tested and validated encryption and encryption management for virtualized workloads that protects the whole guest OS and all its data, regardless of application or workload
  • Retain full enterprise control of encryption keys
  • Support movement of VMs from within Nutanix Clusters, or to the cloud platform
  • Add transparency to cloud operations: Support High Availability, Duplication/Cloning of snapshots whileVMs remain encrypted in all cloud operations
  • Enable SecureDoc pre-boot authentication for cloud, controlling data access and authentication of new workloads before use
  • Support multiple subscription IDs from Azure and AWS
  • Encrypt multiple disks (Volumes) on Linux & Windows VM for all supported OS
Compliance and audit failure is a top concern for C-Suite executives. SecureDoc CloudVM helps ensure enterprises Strengthen Compliance efforts by providing user-friendly audit tools to track and report that VMs and data within Nutanix HCI environment, or within other protected cloud platforms are always in a protected state. We do so by proving the control mechanisms needed to tightly define the operational boundaries (time zone, user rights, etc.) of your VMs, and the other parameters such as how VMs are accessed, shared, cloned or replicated by applying intelligence to the encrypted workload.

When it comes to virtualization, scalability is key. SecureDoc CloudVM Eases Scalability requirements with easily deployable licenses, supporting any growth or burst needs – no matter what speed, or scale. SecureDoc CloudVM offers unparalleled conversion times and easy-to-use deployment management to get your VMs up and running faster than ever. Encrypted VMs can even exist in a High Availability setup with no compatibility issues.

And finally, you’ve no doubt moved to Nutanix with a goal of improving efficiencies within your virtualized environment under continually increasing pressure to deliver more value for less cost. So why waste critical IT resources managing a plethora of data security solutions, or key management scenarios? SecureDoc CloudVM helps reduce daily administration burdens by simplifying the tasks associated with securing the hyper-converged environment. Our SecureDoc Enterprise Server provides IT Administrators full remote management and deployment capability via the SES console, allowing administrators to simultaneously view all VMs, workloads and cloud instances, with positive identification of which VMs are secured – and providing the tools necessary to immediately bring them back into compliance.

Hyper-Converged infrastructure customers shouldn’t rely on patchwork of legacy security solutions. You need a security solution that’s just as flexible as the infrastructure it’s built on – one that unifies your security efforts, rather than complicate them. I’m excited that WinMagic is here to meet that need, and invite you to learn more about how we can help by contacting your Nutanix Representative, or contacting us at

Stay tuned for more announcements from WinMagic and Nutanix as we work together to expand this exciting new partnership.

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