Parallels RAS and Nutanix Team up to Reduce Cost and Complexity of VDI

  • 5 February 2018
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Parallels RAS and Nutanix Team up to Reduce Cost and Complexity of VDI
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This post was authored by Victor Fiss, Director Sales Engineer, Parallels

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) delivers seamless access to virtual desktop (VDI) workspaces through the simplification and enhancement of Windows Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH).

With Parallels RAS, businesses and IT service providers are empowered to deliver a locked-down, streamlined, and standardized VDI environment to hundreds of concurrent end-user devices.

In addition to its well-known virtualization technology, Parallels RAS, along with Nutanix, provides a highly seamless approach to VDI in the datacenter. Together, Parallels RAS and Nutanix support Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS running on a range of platforms including Lenovo HX Series. By enabling highly reliable and scalable server nodes with Parallels RAS and Nutanix software, lower costs and simplified IT infrastructure can be achieved. Each node powered by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software is built on the industry leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) that includes the Nutanix native hypervisor, AHV. Nutanix AHV is an enterprise grade virtualization solution that is included at no additional license charge, an important factor in keeping the costs per desktop low in a VDI infrastructure.

Each of the virtual desktops created through the Parallels RAS/Nutanix solution-including Windows 7/8 or 10, and Windows Server 2016 (Remote Desktop Services)-uses persistent desktops deployed on AHV. Nutanix AHV is Microsoft SVVP certified for all supported Microsoft operating systems and enterprise applications.

Parallels RAS provides access to virtual applications and desktops deployed on this low-cost, easily scalable datacenter solution.

In the latest release, Version 16, Parallels RAS has delivered significant enhancements to VDI deployments. Parallels RAS now offers customizable VDI templates and leverages Nutanix REST APIs for automation.

Parallels RAS also provides a personalized version of Sysprep, known as Parallels RASprep. This allows administrators to prepare and automatically configure Windows desktops, reducing lead time.

The combined solution of a Parallels RAS VDI infrastructure, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS running on wide range of support servers from Nutanix, Lenovo, Dell, IBM, Cisco, HP offers benefits to many organizations in the healthcare, finance, education, and manufacturing sectors, as well as medium-sized businesses.

To learn more about Parallels RAS and try the software free for 30 days, visit

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