Faster, Denser, Better - Redefining Low Latency at Scale

  • 11 July 2017
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Faster, Denser, Better - Redefining Low Latency at Scale
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Written by: Purush Lala Balaji, Amit Jain, & Thenu Kittappa of Nutanix

Today, Intel launched its much awaited Intel Xeon Scalable platform – a technology we believe will change the way systems will be engineered and sold. Combine that with market leading software-defined infrastructure from Nutanix and what will you have – an Enterprise Cloud Platform on steroids.

Nutanix is focused on combining the ease of use, agility and rapid innovation benefits of public cloud with the control, economics and proximity benefits of on-premises by delivering a true enterprise cloud experience. We started this journey by pioneering hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and continue it by leading the delivery of the enterprise cloud, providing a software-defined scale-out solution based on industry standard platforms.

Intel Architecture, Intel networking, Intel solid state storage and open management have in the past enabled Nutanix to develop solutions that can scale out to meet the high reliability, resiliency, and performance needs of our customers and at the same time target applications that require scale-up by developing a portfolio of appliance form factors. Through a tight partnership with Intel and participation in the x86 ecosystem, Nutanix is positioned to make the most of the new architectural and lithographical innovation at Intel.

We are excited to participate in the initial launch of Intel Xeon Scalable processors and to develop our future G6 series appliance based on this platform. The Intel Xeon Scalable platform and Intel Optane SSD based storage can solve the fundamental challenges in HCI today:

Compute: Intel Xeon Scalable processors bring extreme core count (XCC) with up to 28C in each socket, which will enable Nutanix to target a myriad of applications ranging from traditional VDI to high transactional databases and in-memory databases. Advances in the architecture accelerate virtualization beyond today’s limits to run denser VDI, high throughput databases, and low-latency In-Memory DB via improved memory bandwidth and speeds. Nutanix Controller will avail the processor efficiencies and advanced instruction set to provide more compute back to the user to run their applications. The processor will also help to alleviate compute/memory density challenges fundamental to HCI.

Storage Media: This platform, coupled with Intel Optane SSDs, based on 3D Xpoint technology, and using the high-speed NVMe interface will enable low-latency storage, which will complement the Nutanix server-attached flash approach and can enhance the industry best caching and tiering applications even further.

Networking/Interconnect: The high-bandwidth, low-latency fabrics provided by the Intel Xeon Scalable platform, along with integrated acceleration technologies like Intel QuickAssist Technology and DPDK, will further enhance the agile Nutanix AMF, a distributed storage fabric.

Intel engineering and innovation provide powerful new computing opportunities, including enabling the rise of hyper-convergence. The enterprise cloud is being used by more and more companies and more and more workloads each day, and the growth is expected to continue. That growth is further enabled by continued innovation like Intel’s latest release. With Nutanix Acropolis software, Intel’s Xeon Scalable Processor and the technologies the platform provides, the possibilities for enterprise applications will be nearly boundless. Once available, our G6 series appliance, built on the new Intel processor platform, will allow Nutanix and our customers to target even more business-critical workloads, including emerging data and compute intensive applications like analytics and ML/AI.

If you’ve been considering how you could benefit from an enterprise cloud built on hyper-convergence, but haven’t taken the plunge, or are looking for additional reasons to expand what you’ve done to date, let’s talk, because now is the time to start discussing how you can take advantage of the new Intel innovations combined with Nutanix innovations just announced at .NEXT.

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