Configuring a Protection Domain

  • 11 March 2014
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Configuring a Protection Domain
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Note: This article refers to an old version of the Nutanix software. You can find the latest documentation about protection domains on the Nutanix support portal. To configure a protection domain, do the following:
  1. In the DR dashboard, click the Protection Domain button. The Protection Domain dialog box appears.
  2. Enter a name for the protection domain on the first screen and then click the Create button (lower right). Clicking the Createbutton immediately creates the protection domain (even if you do not continue to the next step).Note:This entity has the following naming restrictions:[list]
  3. The maximum length is 75 characters.
  4. Allowed characters are uppercase and lowercase standard Latin letters (A-Z and a-z), decimal digits (0-9), dots (.), hyphens (-), and underscores (_).
The Virtual Machines display appears. This display is divided into two sections for unprotected VMs (left side) and protected VMs (right side).
  • Do the following in the indicated fields:
    1. Check the boxes next to the VMs you want in a consistency group from the list of unprotected VMs on the left. You can filter the list by entering a VM or host name in the Filter By: fields above the list. A consistency group is a subset of VMs in a protection domain that are treated as a single group and backed up collectively in a snapshot. (Protection domains can have multiple consistency groups.)
    2. If there are additional VMs you want in this consistency group that are already protected, check the boxes next to those VMs in the list of protected VMs on the right, and then click the Unprotect Selected VMs button at the bottom of the column to move them into the unprotected VMs list.
    3. Select a consistency group (in the left column) for the checked VMs. Click the Use VM Name button to create a new consistency group for each checked VM with the same name as that VM, click the Use an existing CG button and select a consistency group from the pull-down list to add the checked VMs to that consistency group, or click the Create a new CG button and enter a name in the field to create a new consistency group with that name for all the checked VMs.
    4. Check the Use application consistent snapshots box to ensure that application consistency is maintained in the snapshots. This option invokes VSS to create an application consistent snapshot for a VM and is limited to consistency groups with just a single VM. This box will be ignored if there are multiple VMs in the consistency group. Therefore, check this box only if you selected just one VM (and Use VM Name or Create a new CG) or selected multiple VMs and the Use VM Name button to create a separate consistency group for each of those VMs.
    5. To create additional consistency groups for the unchecked VMs, click the Move Selected VMs button at the bottom of the column. This moves the selected VMs into the Protected VMs column. Now create additional consistency groups for the remaining unchecked VMs (or as many of them as you want in the protection domain).
    6. When all desired consistency groups have been created, click the Next button (lower right).

      Protection Domain Wizard: Virtual Machines Screen

    [/list]The new protection domain is created and information about it appears in the DR dashboard.

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    Is there any current or planned way to create Dynamic Consistency Groups based on rules? Something like if name starts with VM* add to CG Protected VMs. This way we dont have to remember to go here to auto protect certain VMs? I am thinking specifically for VDI Golden Images/templates. We need these replicated everytime they are created rather than giving an additional user group access to Prism to do so it would be nice if a vCenter folder, VM naming, or other identifiers could be used to create these.

    And... along those lines what logic is used to reveal objects to be added since CVMs don't appear? Could we get App Volumes added too.... ?

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    This capability of using the UI to add VMs to a consistency group using a wildcard has been discussed, but I don't know when it might appear or even if it's been committed.

    You should be able to something like this using the API. The tutorials in the API reference cover adding all unprotected VMs to a protection domain. The completed scripts are available on GitHub.

    For new features (like protecting App Volumes) I'd suggest speaking with your account team so they can take your request through the proper channels.

    Hope this helps.
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    I created a new protection domain. I wanted to remove some VM's from an older protection domain and put them in the new domain. I removed them from the older PD, but now when I edit the new PD, there are no unprotected entities available. They also no longer show up in the older PD. I just updated to NOS 4.7.3. Any ideas?
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    HI JMYoung Thanks for asking, I'll work on getting someone to provide an answer - Thanks
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    Thanks. Support is looking into it also, but no answer yet.