Nutanix Calm is coming to Prism Central CE!

  • 13 February 2018
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Hello Next Community!

The new release of Nutanix Community Edition (CE) is coming soon and it will include Prism Central CE with Calm automation. Prism Central is Nutanix's multi-cluster control plane, it can control and monitor each Prism Element cluster; therefore for CE, only itself.

As described in the introductory blog, the mission of Nutanix Calm is application-centric automation: the ability to drive application workloads, life cycle operations, and self-service governance onto any infrastructure. The Nutanix Blueprint is a model of the application and policies. The Nutanix Marketplace contains a set of blueprints ready for you to publish, modify, and deploy applications to easily learn how Calm works.

As Nutanix Self-Service Portal (SSP) and Calm land in Prism Central together, you will need to set up an authentication service (such as Active Directory or OpenLDAP), a project (to group people and resource quotas together), and Role Based Access Control. Calm and SSP share Prism Central project configurations and you can further define project defaults such as credentials, VLANs, etc. to enable anyone inside a project to deploy published Nutanix Marketplace blueprints with a few clicks.

This is the beginning of creating a single pane of glass experience with self-service applications, VMs, and containers. The Calm team has an aggressive road map to deliver features and you will see the product quickly move past the initial feature set. Automation changes everything and there will be lots of questions, confusion, disruption, and excitement around these new capabilities. Automation exposes the limits of APIs, licensing, and tools, so there will be discovery and challenges as well.

Since Nutanix Calm is a new product, you should expect some growth in ramping up to take advantage of it. The Calm application-centric approach allows modeling current practices, but it has implications to rethink traditional constraints to infrastructure and operations. Please help us identify where you found friction and make suggestions on how to improve tutorials, examples, documentation, error messages, troubleshooting, etc. There will be limits on how much we can respond and the community should help itself.

With enough perseverance, automation fundamentally changes our lives by making everything work better. Just as Nutanix Acropolis and Prism have disrupted the entire infrastructure industry, Calm does the same for applications, and the combination makes the Nutanix platform capable of accelerating and scaling organizations and operations.

The Calm team has been building inside Nutanix for nearly a year and a half as we became part of the incredible Nutanix family. The first chapter of that journey is nearly complete when we delivered Calm late last year and now that we have joined with the Next Community. From the entire team, we thank you for embarking on this adventure into automation with Nutanix Calm!

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3 replies

Very cool Mark, great to you and the team...Can't wait to try it out...about time :)🙏🏻

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When will this be available? Cheers Mick
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@mick It is already available, please try out the latest release of Nutanix CE and activate Prism Central, where Calm resides.