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This year, .NEXT Europe is in Nice, France - a beautiful city on the French Riviera. I am looking forward to reconnecting with friends and making many new ones.
Not only is .NEXT a great time to explore and learn about what's new, but it's also a time to connect with the broader virtualization community.
I spoke with a few Nutanix Technology Champions (NTC) who will be attending this year (... some for the first time, others for their second time) and asked "What are you looking forward to at .NEXT 2017 in Nice? Here is what they shared.

Wouter Kursten

I am looking forward to .Next Europe since it will be my first time in Nice and I finally get to meet all the people behind their avatars. Also I am really curious on what the Nutanix future will be bringing us including the integration with 3rd party tooling.
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Michael in ‘t Hout

Would love to see what’s on the roadmap, what great features will be on the horizon. I am also looking forward to meet new people (other NTC’s) and of course who I have met at the previous .NEXT events. . For the conference itself, I'm very interested in the breakout sessions about Calm and network micro segmentation.
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Sergio Delgado

I am looking forward to .Next to hearing about instantiation in Public cloud and the automatization features of Calm and the new features focused in ECP and one Calm to rule them all.
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Aidan Thomson

Looking forward to joining the 'nerd herd' at .NEXT. Especially looking forward to meeting face-to-face with many of the people I dialogue with on Slack & Twitter every day. Hopefully find some more familiar faces from the UK crowd as well to share a drink or two with. It'll be great to exchange thoughts, experiences and ideas on everything Nutanix related. Finally I need to fulfil the geek in me and will be especially interested in what puts the next in .NEXT - new technology developments & what's coming in 2018 and beyond.
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Eric Fourn

For me this conference will be the first. I have known Nutanix since years and have been trained on v3.5 by Meghan Myers! I hope to learn a lot and meet the experts and generally people that make this company. As a nutanix trainer I would also like to meet with the group and share some experience and tips / tricks about teaching this great product.
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Andrea Mauro

I'm very curious to see which news will be announced at the .NEXT Europe and how Nutanix vision is shifting on the cloud services. On the other side I'm expecting a lot from the new version of Acropolis, just because the infrastructure, also if it is "invisible", still care and remain a main pillar. Of course I hope to see again old friends and know new people for sharing experience and knowledge.
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Bart Donders

I hope to see many of the NTC colleagues in Nice in person again. Thereby, of course (maybe) many new exciting announcements are coming in Nice. For the first year we have invited several of our customers, so I can introduce them into the Nutanix company and community.
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Roberto La Verde

I’m longing to go (again) at .NEXT, the place where hungry, humble, honest people meet and share passion, knowledge, expertise. Every year is greater, better and richer of content, innovations and every year I come back home with a bag full of ideas.This year I would like to see more about and Docker integrations and have a great networking with other NTCs, experts and people who love Nutanix.” See you soon
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Manfred Pichlbauer

I‘m looking forward to feel again the spirit of a company with their fresh ideas: Everytime we get suprised when Nutanix reveal their newest features during the keynotes at .NEXT. I have the suspicion that we will see again amazing feature fireworks this year at .NEXT in Nice. I‘m also happy to meet again the experts from Nutanix and the NTC community.
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Thomas Dory

I am looking forward to .Next for a number of reasons. Firstly, it will be my first trip to Nice France and I'm hoping to get some time to look around. For the conference itself, I'm very interested in the nucalm integration and there is a lot of excitement around innovative technology announcements. Of course the best is meeting all the different people that participate in the NTC community, many of them the first time in person -> Angelo included 🙂
It's going to be an exciting time at .NEXT, I'm looking forward to the announcements and all the fun we are going to have. Are you heading to .NEXT? Join the conversations in our community forums.
Be sure to follow Nutanix on Twitter for the latest news and announcements as well as the hashtag #NEXTConf

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