What You Can Expect from HYCU at NEXTConf London

  • 10 October 2018
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What You Can Expect from HYCU at NEXTConf London
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This is a guest post from our friends at HYCU

At NEXTConf in Washington DC, June 2017, we introduced the industry’s first purpose-built data protection for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud customers. The response was overwhelming and we couldn’t have picked a better venue for a coming out party! What didn’t surprise us was why our approach and vision for the future of data protection in the era of Enterprise Cloud was spot on. We believed then and we continue to believe that there is a better way to manage, protect and recover data within hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI).

We did not stop there. Since we are solely focused on the customers who are leading with Nutanix, we have been able to keep up with Nutanix’s innovation machine and deliver a tightly integrated solution that leverages the power of the platform.

Shortly after of our launch of HYCU for Nutanix AHV, our customers told us that they love what we delivered for AHV and said they want the same for ESX running on Nutanix and we delivered that. With our expanded enterprise application coverage customers were very happy with the solution we had for VM & Apps on Nutanix, but they also had other non-Nutanix VMs in their infrastructure and asked us to smooth their gradual migration to Nutanix. So, we added the ability to protect VMs and Apps running on non-Nutanix ESX and the ability to transition them gradually as the customer was getting ready.

As customers started adopting Nutanix Acropolis File Services (AFS), now Nutanix Files, we heard from many Nutanix customers that they loved the modular, scale out file services and wanted to make sure they are also able to back them up in a scalable fashion. As Vishal Sinha, VP Engineering at Nutanix noted, their next-generation file services was built from scratch for the web scale infrastructure. It supports high scale and is built for performance and is very simple to use. He knew a 20-year-old NDMP-based backup solution was not the right approach. Working closely with Nutanix, HYCU was the first Nutanix partner to deliver a fully scalable backup solution for AFS that leverages Nutanix’s Change File Tracking (CFT) APIs.

The true simplicity that Nutanix is known for comes out in the collaboration to deliver HYCU for Nutanix to support AFS. If you visit us in our booth at .Next in London, we will demonstrate the simplicity that we have delivered and will also give you a preview of the additional innovation that we are building for Nutanix Files.

As Nutanix customers expand the use of Nutanix for more and more workloads, Nutanix had to expand its solution too. Nutanix added Nutanix Acropolis Block Services, now Nutanix Blocks, to enable customers to have a high-performance block services for critical business applications. As you can imagine, high-performance applications do not want any additional services, like backup, to impact their performance. Traditional backup vendors today use the Agent based technology to backup these applications and that causes unnecessary load. Visit us in the show floor at London, to see HYCU, the first software that leverages Nutanix Snapshot technology even for applications running on Nutanix Block technology to deliver an impact free backup.

There is one thing for sure in this world – data and storage consumption just keep expanding and never diminish. Nutanix realizes this and to reduce the cost of long-term storage and high-intensive applications, they have introduced Nutanix Buckets, an object storage service. HYCU was the application that was used to demonstrate the functionality at NEXTConf in Nice last year and this year, you can come to our show floor to see how we are leveraging the power of Nutanix’s Object Storage to solve customers’ compliance needs.
Our goal is simple.

We want customers to have a cloud Services-like experience for Data Protection. Data Protection should be a service of the platform. No expensive professional services, No multi-server deployment, No new hardware. At NEXTConf in London, we are excited to showcase our latest support for the Nutanix innovation roadmap. Please stop by and tell us how we are doing and most importantly what more we can do for you.

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