What’s Next for Your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

What’s Next for Your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
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This post was authored by Greg White, Sachin Chheda, and Jordan McMahon

Over the past few years companies like Toyota, ASM Technologies, and NASDAQ provide operational proof that hyperconverged infrastructure is no longer relegated to VDI or tier-2 virtualized applications. These firms are using the Nutanix Enterprise Clouds to run business-critical applications and readily scalable production workloads.

In addition to the extensive library of technical notes, solution reference architectures, and best practices guides, we have assembled our Nutanix Enterprise Solutions Playbook as a practical reference for the diverse capabilities of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform. Drawing on our team’s experience in designing and helping customers of all sizes deploy large scale enterprise cloud deployments, the guide examines key advantages of our platform. The guide evaluates solution areas including:
  • Business-Critical Applications: virtualization of core business applications and databases drives tangible improvements in performance, downtime, real-time monitoring, and integrated data protection for applications including Oracle databases and E-Business Suite, SAP Business Suite, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM DB2, and many others.
  • Messaging and Collaboration Apps: effective day-to-day business information flows are more dependent on communication technology solutions than ever before. Nutanix Enterprise cloud eliminates the need for separate infrastructure silos for each app, enables far faster deployment times, and dramatically simplifies application management. Our platform maximizes the efficacy of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, in addition to unified communication solutions such as Cisco UC, Avaya Aura, and Microsoft Skype for Business.
  • Server Virtualization and Private Cloud: Most enterprise-scale data centers are largely virtualized, while more and more organizations recognize the unparalleled flexibility of private cloud implementations. We built Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with extensive built-in support for general virtualization and private cloud needs, including multi hypervisor support for VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV virtualization. Also including an integrated self-service tool with Nutanix Prism, virtualization with Nutanix can reduce management costs by over two-thirds compared to traditional approaches.
  • Big Data, Cloud Native and Mode 2 Apps: Apps such as Splunk, Hadoop, MongoDB, and Elastic offer unique scalability, enabling small proofs of concept that can be rapidly scaled up as the size of an enterprise’s dataset and application demands grow. Built on web-scale design principles, Nutanix’s web-scale architecture aligns well with these next generation workloads. It’s not uncommon to see as much as 3x performance improvement over traditional approaches.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: VDI has become a business-critical service because it offers unmatched flexibility and control for enterprise devices. But VDI requires IT to develop infrastructure for accommodating wildly inconsistent usage patterns. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud dramatically simplifies the entire stack and can be rapidly scaled from 10’s of users to thousands of users without re-architecting.
  • Remote Office & Branch Office (ROBO): remote and branch offices require access to full featured applications, but often don’t operate at a sufficient scale for efficient deployment of physical hardware. Nutanix provides for ROBO support with small footprints, streamlined deployment, and dramatically reduced infrastructure complexity.
Check out the Nutanix Solutions Pocket Book for a more detailed account of our capabilities and questions to consider in each of these solution areas.

PS. We also want to hear from you on your organization’s journey as you add more and more to your Nutanix environment. Join Nutanix Xtribe to get involved in exciting challenges including sharing best practices with your peers.

PPS. The 2018 .NEXT Award nominations period is now open. Read more about this here.

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