Want to run any workload, any scale, any time?

  • 27 March 2019
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Want to run any workload, any scale, any time?
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This is a guest post from our friends at Lenovo

What if you could accelerate deployment and performance of your workloads without the hassle of complex, costly operations and maintenance? With Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series, you can deploy applications faster while reducing your TCO by nearly three times - and we’re ready to show you at Nutanix .NEXT in Anaheim, CA!

Increase Your Freedom

Visit Lenovo at .NEXT to explore how you can accelerate your business workloads at any scale, all the time with our best-in-class hyperconverged offering. Lenovo optimizes your workloads to create maximum results with industry standard servers that are consistently rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction and #1 in x86 Server Reliability. Highlighted workloads at .NEXT include:

SAP HANA - ThinkAgile HX Solution for SAP HANA delivers extreme speed, high availability and dramatic efficiency for SAP HANA workloads in HCI clusters.

Blockchain – Blockchain applications on ThinkAgile HX deliver mission-critical performance and extreme availability for economic transactions of all types.

DevOps - ThinkAgile HX Solution for Development enables development, QA and test organizations to access more than 150 applications in an end-to-end platform, streamlining processes from code design, test and release into production.

Client Virtualization -Virtual desktop applications on ThinkAgile HX give customers the freedom to access their desktops anywhere, anytime, from any device, with high uptime.

Multi-Cloud Applications - Learn how you can use Nutanix Calm to run your ThinkAgile HX workloads either on premise or in multi-cloud environments, including AWS, Azure and Nutanix Xi.

Join us for an engaging breakout sessions where we "Break down the Blockchain" and let our customers share their stories firsthand. Look for Lenovo sessions in your agenda builder and email your Lenovo Sales rep today to book a meeting in advance.

To help achieve a seamless end-to-end deployment experience, the ThinkAgile HX series includes LenovoThinkAgile Advantage, a comprehensive set of lifecycle and maintenance services with a 24/7 Lenovo single point of support.

Other options available with ThinkAgile HX are:
  • Lenovo TruScale, a new consumption-based, pay-for-what-you-use offering for IT infrastructure
  • Shipment of your HX systems from the Lenovo factory in a rack, along with any combination of ThinkSystem servers, storage, and networking devices.
  • Lenovo ThinkAgile XClarity Integrator for Nutanix, downloadable from the Nutanix Calm marketplace, to automate HX discovery and pre-authentication.
  • ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator, available on Lenovo CNOS switches in HX clusters, to help reduce your dependency on network administrators while minimizing errors and increasing uptime.
We’ve been so impressed with the reliability, scalability and performance of the Lenovo-Nutanix solution that we’re now in the process rolling out the Lenovo HX Series across other locations worldwide - Sanjay Kirtikar, Director Digital Technologies Beam Suntory

Why not take advantage of Lenovo’s industry-leading reliability and performance, Nutanix’s simplicity and Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage to deploy your HCI solutions rapidly and confidently? Lenovo products are tested and proven to the highest standards, designed for the most demanding applications and workloads, and engineered for always-on productivity.

Want to learn more? Please visit us at .NEXT, and attend our blockchain and speaker sessions. Explore the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX series here, and view our HX Reference Architecture document here.

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