Veeam and Nutanix – On to Victory!

Veeam and Nutanix – On to Victory!
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This is a guest post from Colm Keegan, Product Marketing Manager, Veeam Software

Perhaps it is only fitting that Nutanix has chosen the French provincial city of Nice to host the EMEA version of their .NEXT conference in November. Nice was named after the Greek Goddess of victory “Nike”. The event itself is also being hosted in the Acropolis Conference Center in Nice; a tribute to the legendary ancient citadel perched high atop the city of Athens and also, the moniker for the Nutanix’s software-driven infrastructure stack and the foundation of Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS.

Is this a Da Vinci code-like way for Nutanix to signal that they see victory on the horizon for their Enterprise Cloud city on the hill? With 75% of organizations lagging in their digital transformation initiatives, Nutanix may have good reason for optimism.

How can Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Platform help IT move the needle on their digital transformation initiatives? Think of Nutanix Acropolis as the cloud operating system for businesses just like Apple’s iOS is a cloud OS for consumers.

I have an iPhone, iPad and Mac Book laptop. I can use any of these devices to access my applications and data. It doesn’t matter whether the data is local to the device or stored in the cloud. And I can easily share my data with anyone else, whether they’re an Apple user or not.

Likewise, through Acropolis, businesses can deploy application services in the data center, in a remote office/branch office location, in a managed services provider environment or in the public cloud. The data (and apps) can be managed from a centralized location and can be shared universally with any user. Unlike iOS, however, Acropolis can be deployed on commodity hardware, public cloud resources or optionally, on a turnkey appliance.

But aside from the benefits of a common cloud OS and the freedom to deploy that OS on a variety of hardware platforms, Acropolis’ real value, arguably, is with their rich ecosystem of ISV’s. Again, think of the thousands of applications that can be downloaded from the Apple Store. You can customize your digital experience based on your business needs and wants.

So too with Acropolis, you can choose from a rich ecosystem of application service providers that are “Nutanix ready”. Whether these be traditional business applications like Microsoft, Oracle or SAP or one of the many cloud-scale application service providers that are part of the Open Stack community.

In short, Acropolis provides organizations with the choice and freedom to deploy those application services which best meet their business needs and do so across private and public cloud environments. This in turn, can help accelerate digital transformation.
We at Veeam are proud to be the Premier Availability solution for Nutanix virtualized environments by providing the availability and data protection for any app, any data, across any cloud environment where Nutanix workloads are deployed.

We are excited to work with Nutanix and our partners to help our joint customers accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. On to Victory – see you in Nice!

As a Product Marketing Manager for Veeam, Colm is a 27-year IT veteran with experience across multiple facets of IT. Colm has written extensively on a wide range of subjects, including converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, software-defined data center offerings and hybrid-cloud backup and disaster recovery technologies.

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