Upcoming User Group Meetings

Upcoming User Group Meetings
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Have you ever wanted to connect with other IT professionals in your area and talk tech, DevOps practices, and the latest trends in IT? The Nutanix user groups are a great place to start.
For the month of April and May, we have three user group meetings taking place. User groups provide an excellent opportunity to connect with other IT professionals from your local area and discuss, share and learn from each other.
Nutanix user groups are free events run by community volunteers who have a passion for technology and community building. If you are in the area, I encourage you to register and check out one of these four events.
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how can i start a Nutanix user group in my community?
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Hi Miketanix! MIKETANIX

Thank you so much for your interest in starting a NUG in your area.
Here is the link where you can apply to become a Chapter Champion.

Looking forward to connecting with you!