The Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) Exam is Here!

The Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) Exam is Here!
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This post was authored by Jill Liles Training & Certification Marketing Manager, Nutanix

Nutanix Education is very excited to announce that the Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) certification exam is now available.

Earning the Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) certification validates your skills and abilities deploying, administering, and troubleshooting Nutanix AOS 5.5 in the datacenter. Successful candidates are able to deploy and administer Nutanix AOS 5.5 nodes, blocks and clusters; and can use Prism Element to monitor, manage, troubleshoot, and administer AHV hosts and virtual machines.

There is no cost to take the new exam through November 27.

The new certification exam differs from the NPP program in three key ways to increase the trust in – and value of – your Nutanix certification:

The development method used for NCP was a more formal and rigorously documented process. The brings the NCP in line with industry standards that are used by almost all major IT certification programs. *

The NCP exam will be proctored, which means no outside resources may be used to complete the exam. The proctoring system we are using for the NCP exam monitors behavior during the exam and also confirms the identity of who is taking the exam. *

Remote proctoring allows us to offer the NCP exam anywhere, meaning you don’t have to travel to a testing center in another city or state. This system gives us the flexibility to offer exams as widely as possible, while maintaining a secure environment. *

The NPP certification exam will be retired on October 1, 2018. If you are currently preparing for that exam, you must complete your test before that date.

For complete details on the NCP certification, including related training, the exam blueprint guide, and an FAQ, please visit

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Please correct me if i am wrong.
We have 3 free attempts to NCP5.5 exam till 31 Jan,19 provided you have completed the online trainings (ECA trainings) before 28th Nov,18.
FYI I am a partner and planning to appear for the exam.
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Hi @Preet

Thanks for the ask - best to email our education team for a quick answer -
Hi Guys,
I am really struggling to access and take the exam so I am hopping that you can point me to the right direction. I have finished my ECA 5.5 Course and now I am planning to take the NCP 5.5 exam but every time that I a access the Education portal i am getting the following error
You are not authorized to access this site (1580628).

i've contacted, it is taking them a long time to replay back and they just sent me the standard manual on how to access the Take Exam page which I was already following before.

Anyone have any other ideas ?

I can see that the login page is using an SSO for login and my computer login details are not the same as my nutanix login details.
I've also tried using the Linkedin connection but it is also giving me an error

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Hi @mende.s I'll followup with the team and let you know. I'll include you in the email. Thanks
Hi @aluciani,
Thank you for following up my request but it seems like I am still in the same position. After your email I just received the same email with generic instructions on how to take the exam. When I go and login as an End User it is just saying you are not authorized, i have mentioned this few times in my emails.

Could you please contact the guys again since I have already sent an email with my response and it has been for more then 10 days that I haven't received any response back.

Kind Regards,
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Thanks for sharing @mende.s - I contacted the team and my understanding is there is a slight delay in getting back to folks. I will let them know. Thanks