The 2018 .NEXT Awards: Nominate Today

The 2018 .NEXT Awards: Nominate Today
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This post was authored by Carol Guerard, Director of Customer Reference and Sachin Chheda, Senior Director of Global Accounts and Verticals Marketing.

One of most anticipated moments leading up to .NEXT America 2018 is now upon us. The nomination period for the .NEXT 2018 Awards now open and will remain so until 5 PM on March 16, 2018.

For the last few years, we have asked our customers, partners, and field teams to recognize IT leaders who are transforming their organizations with innovative ideas and technology. This year is no different with four award categories, including two group/team, one executive-level, and one organization-level charitable category.

The winners will be chosen and recognized by our distinguished panel of judges on main stage at .NEXT in New Orleans. Our judges include:
  • Art Langer, Columbia University professor
  • Virginia Gamable, managing partner at Azimuth Partners, LLC
  • Wendy Pfeiffer, chief information officer at Nutanix.
The top three finalists chosen per category will receive two nights hotel accommodations at .NEXT NOLA and a complimentary .NEXT conference pass. You can read more about the nomination process, eligibility and submission criteria on the .NEXT Awards page. In a nutshell, the awards are open to all Nutanix customers and nominations must be approved by the nominee or nominated company and include customer contact information. You will also find the nomination form linked on that page

Here are the details of the award categories:

Cloud Trailblazer Award
This award recognizes an innovative senior executive (CIO or VP-level) who has demonstrated excellence in technology leadership through innovation in his or her datacenter strategy that has directly resulted in meaningful business impact to his or her organization. End results include IT playing an important role in business growth, improvements in organization efficiency and productivity, and more.

Cloud Transformers Team Award
The award recognizes a team that has transformed their organization through IT with benefits in customer experience, growth, efficiency, service levels, operational savings, and more. This is the opportunity for business organizations and non-profit organizations alike including customers across all industry segments to highlight their strategy and success.

DevOps Rockstar Team Award
DevOps has become a mainstream model across all types of organizations. This award is about recognizing teams who have built bridges from the business to application development to IT operation and infrastructure teams with unparalleled collaboration, insight, agility and use of technologies to drive digital transformation.

.Heart Giving Back Award [Organization]
As businesses embrace enterprise cloud in transforming their datacenters and positively impacting their organization, Nutanix also wants to honor those companies that are simultaneously making a positive impact on their communities and the world. This award recognizes a responsible organization that has dedicated time, resources, and energy toward STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) programs and diversity initiatives that fosters a passion for technology and education in everyone.

Have a question about the awards? Reach out to us on the Nutanix NEXT community ( or reach out on social media or email.


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