Run Puppet Enterprise on Nutanix AHV for DevOps and Moving to the Cloud

Run Puppet Enterprise on Nutanix AHV for DevOps and Moving to the Cloud
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This post was authored by Gary Borad, Director of Business Development at Puppet

EDITOR'S NOTE: This post first appeared on the Puppet Blog - Run Puppet Enterprise on Nutanix Acropolis for DevOps, converged infrastructure & the cloud. It is republished here with permission of author Gary Board and Puppet.

Puppet and Nutanix are happy to announce that Puppet Enterprise is now certified to run on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solution. Together, the solutions enable you to simplify and scale both physical and virtual IT infrastructure while enabling the DevOps practices needed to achieve any digital transformation initiative. Plus, running Puppet Enterprise on Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud platform dramatically increases deployment speed, reliability and situational awareness.

Challenges of digital transformation

Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword tossed around by IT leaders — it’s an actual imperative. Nearly all enterprises are transforming. You may call it DevOps, or digital transformation; you may think of it as moving to the cloud, converting enterprise data centers to self-service, adopting containers or making IT more agile. Whatever you call it, digital transformation is a massive movement towards leveraging the power of digital to gain a competitive edge.

But just you are thinking of modern IT doesn't mean other pressures have gone away. Even as CIOs face their traditional budgets and having their influence being claimed by chief digital officers and chief marketing officers, they're also still dealing with traditional issues you probably face, too — things like fragmented processes; proliferation of tools; shadow IT; and technical debt.

For today's IT leaders, the question is how to drive transformation while minimizing — or even eliminating — the obstacles to transformation and the challenges that transformation itself creates.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is a hyper-converged based storage, compute and native virtualization solution. It combines feature-rich software-defined storage with built-in virtualization — all in a turnkey infrastructure that can run any application, at any scale. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform makes getting to large scale simple and affordable.

The deployment and management of core operating system configurations, middleware, and business applications is still up to you, however — and if driven mostly by manual processes, brittle scripts, and little visibility into your current configuration state, that's not good. This lack of effective automation and situational awareness slows IT down, and makes it both error-prone and risk-averse.

"Having Puppet on Nutanix Enterprise Clouds with AHV enables the DevOps practices necessary for companies to successfully execute their digital transformation initiatives," said Venugopal Pai, VP of Alliances and Business Development. "It also enables IT to achieve new levels of speed, agility, consistency and situational awareness through increased cross-team collaboration around a common language and a single source of truth — and to do it all securely, at any scale."

Why Puppet and Nutanix?

With DevOps practices and the infrastructure agility provided by the Nutanix solution, you can turn IT into an innovation center that deploys faster and more often, securely and at any scale. Puppet customers see real benefits as shown in the ESG report: The Economic Benefits of Puppet Enterprise.
  • An average deployment time savings of 210% and average cost savings 97%.
  • Lead times were reduced by over 3 times – from days to hours.
  • An average overall cost savings of 50% from less downtime.
  • An average increase in servers managed per administrator by 2.3x.
Puppet lets you reduce time to value when you deploy to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with its native virtualization stack, Nutanix AHV. Puppet can be used to define, automate, and quickly migrate legacy workloads in existing data centers, speeding data center convergence and reducing IT costs. Because all infrastructure (including legacy systems) can be described in a common language, transforming and consolidating onto the Enterprise Cloud Platform becomes trivial.

Puppet gives you the following benefits on Nutanix infrastructure:
  • Define once, automate endlessly. Unlike any other solution, Puppet lets you focus on what you want your environments to look like, without worrying about all the steps required to get there. You define the policies you need to enforce, and Puppet makes it happen — and keeps it that way — across any device, both in the cloud and on-prem.
  • Unparalleled scale. Our "define once, automate endlessly" approach is designed for teams and the global infrastructure and distributed applications they manage.
  • Consistency. Puppet provides automatic enforcement of your policies so you ensure consistency across entire software delivery system and throughout your organization
With Puppet Enterprise certified to run on Nutanix Enterprise Clouds and Nutanix AHV, you can have confidence that Puppet Enterprise will work on day one and keep delivering the solutions necessary for your DevOps culture and digital transformation.

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