Partner Sureline Systems’ new version of SUREedge Migrator for Nutanix AHV

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Sureline Systems, one of our partners, and one of the leaders in enterprise-class physical, virtual, cloud, and container migration and disaster recovery software solutions has just announced the latest version of their flagship product, SUREedge®️ Migrator, focused on performance enhancements for Nutanix’s native hypervisor, AHV. This release is another example of Sureline’s ongoing commitment to develop the most innovative and seamless migration and disaster recovery software solutions that address the challenges faced by today's IT professionals.
Specifically, for AHV, 4.8.2 delivers significant reduction in cutover times for windows for VMs or physical servers with large data files or many small files that frequently change. Recent testing has demonstrated that cutover window times for an average size VM have been reduced by 50%. With the addition of direct copy function, the final synchronization between the source production server and migration target VM (running on AHV) is accomplished by simply applying the last set of delta file changes to the VM image thus dramatically reducing the cutover time.
According to their VP of Engineering, Kuldeep Nagarkar, these improvements are in response to input from their users and partners, and these inputs continue to advance their product innovations to ensure customers’ and partners needs are always addressed in timely fashion.
With 4.8.2 there are also improvements in the overall installation process, making it easier to ensure the customer’s environment is configured properly for migration. This is achieved using automated verification services to ensure SUREedge VMs are configured properly and have the necessary network access to the source servers.
Finally, 4.8.2 combines support for all existing source environments so users no longer need to install different versions of SUREedge Migrator for different source operating systems.
To learn more about Sureline Systems' solutions for Nutanix please visit the following link: http://surelinesystems.com/nutanix
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