Part I: How to setup a three-node NUC Nutanix CE cluster

  • 23 November 2016
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Part I: How to setup a three-node NUC Nutanix CE cluster

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While editing my post I accidently deleted the details. So just added again.
Below is the screenshot of the issue I am having when installing the CE on my Supermicro C2750 system fitted with 32GB RAM, 1 x 1TB SATA and 1 x 250GB SSD drive. I have tried installing several times but no luck. This screen shot is from the Installer routine. The installer is not able to detect any drives. For some reason it doesn't even find my 8GB USB flash drive which the system is being booted up with.

Logged on as root after the installer routine reverts to the installation screen. The FDISK does indicate the disks are attached to the system and the AHV/Centos can detect them but for some reason the requirements detection script thinks the drives are no good.
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Looking at your screenshot, it seems like you are connected to the AHV host (the NUC) and not the CVM as you stated. Login to the AHV Host as root instead of nutanix.
If login is sucesful, then you can ssh from the AHV host to the CVM either by using the CVM real IP or the CVM's internal Nutanix IP (the backdoor)
jas5.1 has been known to require more memory. On a the commercial version, 16GB CVMs give the same issue after a while. We now use to deploy 32GB CVM all the time.

On the CE, I wonder if 12GB would make it for a while. have you tried ?

I'm thinking of doing my own 3 node NUC cluster. But 16GB overhead on a NUC is quite a lot.
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Gus Sorry for the confusion, you are right this is at the AHV stage, the installer does not find the drives so it does not proceed further. So the screenshots are after logging on as root.
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Akim - A three-node NUC cluster is a great project/lab and it works extremely well.
Unfortunately memory utilization will continue to be an issue as the NUCs support up to 32G. However, it still works great and you can run a few VMs on the cluster and demostrate all Nutanix features including 1 node failure.
I've always set my CVMs with 16G to avoid issues. Yes, AOS 5.1.x requires 20G CVMs but please install the latest CE (2017.07.20) and you try with 16G CVMs.
Thank you Gus. I thought so. I don't have the NUCs yet. Therefore I hesitate to buy my NUCs. It's 4k$ for something that might not last a year, given the fact our product is evolving so fast ^^Would love to see a microblock for demos able to support 64GB RAM per node 🙂 I looked to create my own cluster with MicroATX board, but then it's not that much transportable anymore. An alternative I thought of was to create a cluster in the cloud. Then it's also pricy.Well, for now, I'll do with hpocs. And perhaps the cloud solution might get cheaper in time.
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@Gus I managed to installed CE as a single node on my other Intel i7-3820 machine and made sure I could logon to Prism. The Host IP is and CVM = and my Router Gateway is I then shutdown the node and transfered the SSD/HDD to my Supermicro Atom system. It powers up perfectly and I can log on to AHV as root and do SSH to the CVM.

But the Host NIC is is not accessible by the CVM because AHV does not have access to the Intel NICs (Interl I354). The original machine on which I had installed CE has a different model of Intel NIC.

I can ping the above IPs from the AHV and CVM consoles I am led to believe in the interal networking is working but the external facing connection to the physical NIC is broken and I need to re-initialize the Host networking. Can someone please help me out here?

How is the performance over gigabit ethernet? Do you think a test setup is feasible over gigabit ethernet and 15k SAS drives?
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It is very helpful!
Hi suporter,
I really like you writing and now i am deploying a lab with three Cisco UCS M4. My question is:
Can you suggest me a hardware ( CPU, RAM, RAID, HDD, SDD ) to deploy a nutanix software. Thank you
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I have 16GB RAM total for Nutanix CE box
Out of that 12GB has taken by CVM
And now I am not able to create any new VM on Nutanix CE.

Pointers will be helpful
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Hi @Pooja

I suggest you get more RAM for your CE box. Check out the homelab section on the community for some ideas. 👍