Nutanix X-Powered: Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • 19 March 2018
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Nutanix X-Powered: Disaster Recovery as a Service
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This post was authored by Mike Slisinger, Systems Engineering Manager, Nutanix X-Powered Service Providers, Marcel Messing, Nutanix X-Powered Cloud Architect and Louie Monaco, Nutanix X-Powered Cloud Architect

Disaster recovery has evolved to become an integral component of any IT manager’s strategy. With today’s IT environments becoming increasingly complex and distributed, wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple solution that just works? At Nutanix we focus on making solutions that meet the needs of our customers yet remain simple to use.

This post and the technical paper we point to were created by the Nutanix X-Powered service provider team. Our mission is to work closely with service provider partners in bringing new cloud solutions to market. The Nutanix team has extensive experience with automation and orchestration, multi-tenancy, and designing efficient solutions that minimize cost. We joined Nutanix because we truly believe that Nutanix products are uniquely suited to help service providers meet their customers’ needs. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software helps to maximize utilization of features and functionality and, as IDC has reported in its business value assessment based on 11 customers, cut administrative overhead. Our web-scale architecture grows when you need it to, so there is no need to buy infrastructure upfront to cover potential future growth. This saves service providers money. Just buy for today and grow as needed!

The most common request that we run into when meeting with service providers is for information on how to build a disaster recovery service. It is a conversation that every service provider can have with their customers. We feel that DR as a service is a particularly great fit for service providers because DR inherently has the requirement for offsite resources, so it is appropriate even for customers who many not normally be interested in hosted or cloud solutions. Though the customer requirements may range from very simple to overly complex, Backup and Disaster Recovery are services that most service providers need to be able to address in some way.

In the past, a service provider would have been dependent on 3rd party software to deliver Backup or Disaster Recovery services. However, today it is possible to cover many scenarios simply by using software that is native to the Nutanix platform. Imagine deploying a Nutanix solution for a customer and then setting up replication to another site in just a few minutes. It really is that easy. But don’t worry, there is still plenty of value to add around the solution since moving bits from location to location is only the first step in DR. By taking those next steps to understand your customer’s workload and find out what is most important to them, you become an integral part of their IT plan.

There are many different flavors of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. These may include dedicated or shared infrastructure, elastic computing, or reserved resource pools, with different operational models from completely self-service to fully managed. Our technical paper gives an overview of the different options and explains what solutions may be most appropriate to address each of them.

Our goal at Nutanix is to make IT simple, and as we increase the ability of our software to “reach beyond the box,” our customers will then be able to realize the lofty goal of cloud automation and true hybrid cloud. By incorporating the features of the latest Acropolis 5.5 Operating System, our X-Powered service provider partners have taken a huge step toward making their customers’ infrastructure seem invisible.

So, whether you are an enterprise that is trying to get a handle on the data from your field offices or a service provider preparing a service to complement a Private Cloud offering, this technical white paper will help you get started. While this is not an exhaustive guide, it will get you going in the right direction.

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