Nutanix Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) Is VMware Certified

  • 22 July 2016
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Nutanix Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) Is VMware Certified
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Nutanix Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) is a software module developed by Nutanix according to specifications defined by VMware. Nutanix SRA contains a set of scripts that uses the Prism REST APIs to interact with Nutanix clusters. The SRA is installed on the VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) server as a plugin that enables the SRM to perform “Array-Based Replication” (ABR) using Nutanix replication, data protection (DP) and disaster recovery (DR) functionality.

Figure 1 illustrates a simplified view of the topology of a typical DR solution built on Nutanix clusters with Nutanix SRA and VMware SRM and vCenter servers

Figure 1. Simplified DR solution built on Nutanix clusters with Nutanix SRA and VMware SRM and vCenter servers.

The DR solution consists of two sites: Protected Site and Recovery Site. The Protected Site is usually the Production Site; and the Recovery Site, the DR Site. Each site has a Nutanix cluster with 3 or more nodes where VMs are hosted with VMware ESXi being the hypervisor. Nutanix Prism manages the clusters, VMs and Nutanix replication.

Each site also has a VMware vCenter and SRM server that manage the site pairing and site recovery operations. The vCenter servers in the Protected and Recovery Sites also manage the VMs inside the Protected Datacenter (Protected_DC) and Recovery Datacenter (Recovery_DC), respectively. Note that the vCenter and SRM servers are hosted on an infrastructure cluster elsewhere (not shown in Figure 1).

VMware SRM is a DR solution that helps customers to plan, test, manage and perform recovery of VMs among different sites. When the SRM is used with Nutanix SRA to carry out an operation such as failover, failback, or planned migration, it delegates the tasks to the Nutanix SRA, which calls the appropriate Prism REST APIs to the Nutanix cluster to execute the tasks. When the tasks are completed, the results are sent back to the SRM.

In general, 3rd party SRA is an integral part of the VMware SRM DR solution where array-based replication is used. And VMware has established rigorous SRA Certification for SRM programs to certify partners’ SRAs. The main goals of the certification are:

  • To validate the compatibility of a partner’s SRA with a specific version of SRM and a specific storage platform and replication method.
  • To verify that the SRA is in compliance with the applicable VMware-defined SRA specification.
Once successfully certified, the SRA is then listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide (vCG).

Nutanix SRA has successfully passed the VMware SRA for SRM certifications. The latest certified Nutanix SRA is version 2.2 (see Figure 2), and it is listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide (vCG) website at the following link [go].

Figure 2. Nutanix SRA 2.2 on VMware vCG

Nutanix SRA 2.2 was certified with Acropolis 4.6 and for the following 5 different VMware SRM versions:

  • SRM 6.1, SRM 6.0, SRM 5.8, SRM 5.5 Update 1, SRM 5.5.

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This post was authored by Wei Liu, Sr. Solutions & Performance Engineer at Nutanix

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Is there any word on an SRA for SRM 6.5?
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Looking at VMware compatibility list,

SRA 2.4 is avaialble for SRM 6.5 . You might need to contact the Support folks for getting it.

Nutanix Compatibility matrix for SRM