Nutanix Resident Consultants: On-Demand Enterprise Cloud Navigators

  • 12 March 2018
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Nutanix Resident Consultants: On-Demand Enterprise Cloud Navigators
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This post was authored by Chris Dondanville, Senior Manager, Customer Success - Residency Services

Organizations transitioning vital business services to the cloud face a multi-faceted management challenge. Efficient implementation and ongoing management of large-scale, business critical systems require a unique skillset, including both deep knowledge of the relevant cloud platform and highly specialized application-level expertise.

This combination presents enterprises with an immense staffing challenge. This sort of skillset is costly and finding the right professional can take time-delaying crucial transitions and freezing expensive business units in place.

Available remote or on-site, Nutanix Resident Consultants provide a cost-effective guide through this management thicket, offering a direct access resource backed by highly-tailored domain expertise. We work with clients to identify goals for the consulting engagement, and source professionals with the necessary Nutanix knowledge base and application specific expertise. From Microsoft Exchange to huge virtual desktop deployments, we know how to source professionals that provide the knowledge injection needed to successfully re-tool for the cloud.

As we'll discuss in two examples below, Resident Consultants can be valuable to organizations employing Nutanix as part of portfolio of services from different vendors, or to businesses transitioning to an "all Nutanix" model.

Case Study One: Global Automobile Manufacturer

This client, one of the largest car companies in the world, uses a strategic outsourcing strategy to manage IT, bringing in experts from a handful of vendors. They've been successfully utilizing a Nutanix Resident Consultant for years.

Their Nutanix Resident Consultant provides training, consultation, and installation management. With a dedicated resource, lead times can be virtually eliminated, even while gaining unmatched scheduling flexibility for remote site installations. Our "local expert" for this client has deep knowledge of the planning and design frameworks necessary to support an agile project management process.

Case Study Two: International Media Content Agency

This client provides video and media broadcasting content to users around the world. With truly global offices, they needed a powerful solution for enabling highly scalable remote access to mission critical resources housed at HQ.

We provided a Resident consultant for a nine to twelve-month term. Our asset designed and deployed a Citrix Virtual Desktop (VDI), hosted on Nutanix, and providing secure remote access for users across the world-fully functional on multiple device types.

The solution can be scaled on demand without compromising performance or security and provides the operational flexibility our client set out to achieve.

This client has witnessed the efficiencies driven by Nutanix first hand and is currently planning a broader transition of datacenter resources to a Nutanix-cloud based model.

Let a Nutanix Resident Consultant be the Guide on Your Cloud Journey

As you move your infrastructure into a private or hybrid cloud model make sure that you include a Nutanix Resident consultant to help you make the journey. Whether is it virtual desktops, Microsoft Exchange server, or even SAP or Oracle workloads, Nutanix Resident Consultants bring the relevant experience and skills as well as instant access to the rest of Nutanix support and services necessary to insure your success. It is time to start that cloud journey that your organization needs, and a Nutanix Resident consultant will be there to make it the transition a smooth one.

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