Nutanix partners with Cloudtenna to connect Acropolis Files Services (AFS) to cloud services

  • 15 February 2017
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Nutanix partners with Cloudtenna to connect Acropolis Files Services (AFS) to cloud services
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The cloud has forever changed how end-users share files. Employees expect a feature set to meet the mobile demands of their workflows, but on-prem file storage has often struggled to match the dynamic needs of the modern worker. With Cloudtenna (Nutanix Ready validated), you can now seamlessly integrate Nutanix on-prem Acropolis File Services (AFS) to the cloud through Cloudtenna’s powerful DirectShare feature set.

Powerful new SaaS services like Microsoft Office Online boost employee productivity, and it is imperative that employees work with feature-rich cloud applications. However, moving data into the cloud can be both frustrating and expensive. That is about to change, as Cloudtenna today announced that it is now possible for Microsoft Office 365 users to access local data without having to actually transfer files into the cloud.

The Nutanix Acropolis File Services (AFS) platform provides a highly available and massively scalable data repository for a wide range of deployments and applications, including large-scale home directories and user profiles. AFS now also shares the end-user feature set of popular cloud services. It is easy to access files via well-designed mobile and web apps, share files with anyone via simple web-links, and work in highly-productive cloud applications like Microsoft Office Online.

Requiring minimal setup, your tools that work with Nutanix AFS server today will continue uninterrupted. File permissions and other policies on the file server will remain enforced and any backup or auditing tools in place will also continue to work unaffected. And with native Active Directory support, you won’t have to provision new user accounts. Finally with its light weight, Customers have been able to stream large files at up to 10x faster.

Cloudtenna’s DirectShare platform has completed Nutanix Ready testing, receiving verification with AHV and AFS, a demonstration of current mutual product compatibility and interoperability. The Direct Content Intelligence (DirectCI) agent uses deep machine learning to identify the files most relevant to each individual user, ushering in a new era of secure intelligent search, file sharing, and communications solutions for modern businesses.

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Cloudtenna + AFS is the perfect enterprise mobile file share solution. Great Solution.