Nutanix Enterprise Cloud: The foundation for your OpenStack platform

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud: The foundation for your OpenStack platform
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This post was authored by Steven Duckaert, Product Manager at Nutanix
One of the most beautiful aspects of my day to day activities is to go out to all type of customers to understand why customers have deployed or are considering deploying OpenStack. When understanding why customers select OpenStack as the foundation of their IT services it becomes so much easier for us at Nutanix to build the correct integrations to ensure that all the promises of OpenStack manifest itself in your datacenter. The 5 reasons and OpenStack promises that I hear most often – which are also reflected in the latest OpenStack Survey;
  • Flexibility in the datacenter to deploy applications based on business decisions and avoid vendor lock-in;
  • The OpenStack community innovates in a very rapid pace with a new release every 6 months introducing new functionalities;
  • Increased operational efficiency by making administration tasks simple and intuitive;
  • Financially more interesting to deploy OpenStack instead of using proprietary CMP software packages
  • API first mentality
Link to latest OpenStack Survey: At Nutanix we built drivers for four of the core services of OpenStack: Nova, Cinder, Neutron and Glance as well as a Nutanix inspector for Ceilometer. These drivers can be installed and consumed in a matter of minutes thanks to the Nutanix control plane CLI for the Acropolis OpenStack Drivers. Nutanix customers can download the drivers from the Nutanix Portal for no additional licensing cost.

Allow me to dig into the above five OpenStack promises and explain you how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, in combination with the Nutanix Acropolis Drivers for OpenStack, can deliver on those promises and help ensure success.

Flexibility In The Datacenter

As an example of the flexibility of the Nutanix platform, Nutanix just announced that the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software will be tested and certified to run on certain HPE servers. This is the next step in offering freedom of choice for customers who’d like to consume the Nutanix software stack on their preferred server platform. In addition to the wide range of supported hardware providers such as Cisco, Lenovo, DellEMC and our own NX platform we also offer a free, community supported edition of the Enterprise Cloud OS that can be used in combination with the Nutanix Acropolis drivers for OpenStack.
Check out this press release for more information on our range of supported hardware platforms.

Continuous Innovation

When you want to become a successful internal or external facing cloud service provider, one of the key elements is to make sure that you can rapidly deliver new services and features for your customers. OpenStack is a powerful engine to deliver on this promise. But there can be challenges if the infrastructure platform that it is deployed upon does not share those virtues. Every engine, including OpenStack, need the mechanics to drive this. With the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform we consistently deliver new functionalities and better performance throughout all our software releases. With the simplicity of the Nutanix Prism 1-click and non-disruptive upgrades, all our customers can take advantage of the new features without concern over downtime and maintenance windows; making Nutanix a perfect fit with OpenStack

Operational Efficiency

Nutanix enables OpenStack customers to marry the benefits of public cloud-like agility, productivity, and cost models, with the predictability and data controls of an on-premises environment. These benefits allow your IT team to shift to projects that are value additive to the business, instead of just relegating those teams to infrastructure management tasks where they are “keeping the lights on.”
Some examples about how the advanced Nutanix engine help OpenStack consumers are:
Workload Optimization: Each Nutanix cluster is represented as one Nova-Compute object in OpenStack. Therefore, you will get all the enterprise benefits of Nutanix AHV, the built-in virtualization feature of Nutanix. OpenStack users do not have to think about where to provision OpenStack provisioned applications and due to the AHV Acropolis Dynamic Scheduler household activities to move instances to other virtualization hosts, is a thing of the past. Nutanix will make sure that your applications are hosted on the correct AHV nodes across your environment.
Reliable performance: Due to the Nutanix architecture, you can grow the compute and storage resources for your OpenStack platform when the needs arise. You can start very quickly with a small environment and scale-out in minutes when you need additional resources. Scaling out is a matter of powering on the Nutanix nodes, add them to the Nutanix cluster via prism one-click expansion and automatically your OpenStack environment will have additional resources. Since each Nutanix node has a CVM that participates in the web-scale core of the Enterprise Cloud OS, there are no performance bottlenecks for OpenStack instances nor to the storage fabric when scaling out. This is linear and predictable performance scaling.
Operational Insights: Nutanix Prism includes a machine learning engine that forecasts the capacity needs of applications running in your OpenStack environment, giving the OpenStack administrators the ability to proactively plan for infrastructure needs. Prism continuously monitors usage of CPU, memory and storage across the cluster and accurately predicts when a cluster will run out of resources, known as a capacity runway.
Cloud alike datacenter planning: Prism’s Just In Time Forecast capability precisely sizes for future workload growth based on past, current and future workload demands, then recommends a capacity expansion schedule based on when and what infrastructure will be needed. Advanced what-if modeling is possible with just a few clicks.
A beautiful example of the operational efficiency Nutanix brings to an OpenStack deployment comes from one of our large retail customers. The customer told us that they attempted to launch a production ready OpenStack environment in their traditional 3-tier datacenter which miserably failed. After several months of troubleshooting they pulled the plug out of the OpenStack project. Once they saw the goodness of Nutanix, they were convinced to give OpenStack a 2nd shot. Due to the simplicity of the Nutanix OpenStack drivers and the Enterprise Cloud platform, they were able to bring an entire, distributed OpenStack environment into production in a matter of a few days and are now running their production workloads on OpenStack and Nutanix.

Consumption Based Pricing Model

One of the financial draws to public cloud is the move to a consumption based model. The Nutanix architecture makes it simple to scale your infrastructure in an elastic matter, however some OpenStack customers need the ability to mix consumption models when building and scaling their environments. To this end, Nutanix recently announced a new program named Nutanix Go, which can deliver enterprise cloud infrastructure using operating budgets and allow for flexible scaling up or down of infrastructure. This program will align the purchasing experience of public clouds, allowing you to break free of long-term capital budget commitments.
You can learn more about Nutanix Go here:

API First

The Nutanix REST APIs allow you to create scripts that run system administration commands against the Nutanix cluster. Most administrative tasks are available via the APIs which enables integration with OpenStack in addition to automation of other maintenance and management actions. The API enables the use of HTTP requests to get information about the cluster as well as make changes to the configuration. Output from the commands are returned in JSON format.
To get familiar with the Nutanix REST APIs you can check out our API documentation on the developer portal

Come visit us at the OpenStack Summit

Nutanix will be for the very first time a Spotlight sponsor at OpenStack Summit in Boston. We are looking forward to getting to know the OpenStack community and we feel honored to be part of the massive OpenStack momentum.
Attending OpenStack Summit? Here are the 3 things you won’t want to miss from Nutanix.
  • Monday May 8th at 11:00AM at the Marketplace Theatre – attend the Nutanix session to learn about the simple & secure turnkey infrastructure that can successfully run your OpenStack deployments
  • Monday May 8th Marketplace Mixer at 6:00-7:30 PM: visit with us at booth #A12 to grab a craft brew and your very own Nutanix koozie (while supplies last)
  • Any time during the Marketplace hours: chat with a Nutanix expert and check out a demo on the one-click simplicity and full stack automation of Nutanix.
Visit with us at any of above and you are automatically entered to win a M3D Micro 3D Printer! LIVE drawings on Tuesday May 9th at 5:30PM, and Wednesday May 10th at 5:30PM.
Continue the conversation on the Nutanix NEXT Community - Join the discussions in our forums, connect with peers and explore best practices. Also follow Nutanix on Twitter for the latest news and announcements.
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