.NEXT – The Perfect Place to Prep For Your NCP Exam

  • 13 August 2019
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.NEXT – The Perfect Place to Prep For Your NCP Exam
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This post was authored by Saad Azam, EDU and Community Marketing Specialist.

October is quickly approaching and we are excited to be hosting cloud builders from all over the world at the Bella Center located in Copenhagen for our .NEXT Europe Conference. .NEXT is the industry-leading technology conference where IT professionals gather to get a first look at the latest in enterprise cloud solutions, catch expert advice on constructing enterprise datacenters, and network with peers on the value that IT can bring to the business.

Whether you’re just beginning your Nutanix journey or you’re an NTC (Nutanix Technology Champion), we’ve got content to help you add a Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) certification to your resume — 60+ sessions ranging from AHV Introduction to highly technical deep-dives.

Quick Breakdown

At the bottom of this post, we have identified how many of the sessions cover topics from the sections/objectives from the NCP exam! Here are a few highlights on how some of these sessions directly correlate to objectives on the exam:

For example, Section 1 includes the relationship between nodes, blocks, and clusters. By attending these sessions, you should be better able to identify the benefits of a Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution and differentiate between physical and logical cluster components.

The sessions that align with Section 2 will help you manage your Nutanix cluster – from health to workload monitoring to the general daily management and analytics of it. The best practices when dealing with security and regulatory compliance will be covered in the session relating to Section 3.

NCP Exam Objectives and Knowledge Covered

Section 1 – Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Concepts
  • Unifying Public and Private Cloud Operations with Calm
  • Deep Dive: AHV Virtualization Architecture
  • Deep Dive: Nutanix Architecture Super Session
  • AHV Introduction - Breaking Old Habits
  • Understanding Your Journey with Nutanix Technology
Section 2 – Managing a Nutanix Cluster
  • Mastering Day One Operations and Beyond
Section 3 – Securing a Nutanix Cluster
  • Building for Security and Compliance with Nutanix
Section 4 – Networking

Section 5 – VM Creation and Management
  • Mastering Day One Operations and Beyond
  • Getting Started with Nutanix APIs for Orchestration and Automation
Section 6 – Health Monitoring and Alerts
  • Health and Support Automation for your Invisible Nutanix Infrastructure
Section 7 – Distributed Storage Fabric
  • Petabyte-scale Storage for Unstructured Data
  • Architecting SQL Server for Performance and Availability
  • Best Practices to Succeed with Remote and Branch Office (ROBO) Deployments
Section 8 – AHV Workload Migration
  • AHV Introduction - Breaking Old Habits
  • Deep Dive: AHV Virtualization Architecture
Section 9 – Acropolis Services
  • Introduction to Nutanix Files: Intelligent File Storage for the Cloud Era
  • Deep Dive: Nutanix Files
Section 10 – Data Resiliency
  • Essential Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • One-Click Application Mobility - A Reality
Section 11 – Data Protection
  • Essential Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies
Section 12 – Prism Central
  • Simplifying Upgrades and Maintenance with Life Cycle Management (LCM)
Section 13 – Cluster Maintenance
  • Best Practices and Troubleshooting Upgrades and Operations
  • Simplifying Upgrades and Maintenance with Life Cycle Management (LCM)
Section 14 – Lifecycle Operations
  • Simplifying Upgrades and Maintenance with Life Cycle Management (LCM)
  • Build, Stage, Deploy IoT and AI Apps: Details and a Case Study (NCAP (“AI”)…IoT is future cert)
  • Expert Advice for Running High Performance Applications on Nutanix (NCAP topic)
Whether you want to brush up your skills on Calm or learn the ins and outs of the Life Cycle Management (LCM), head over to the agenda builder tool and customize your personalized schedule today! This tool has everything you need to build your ideal agenda – from session types to different focus areas to brief descriptions of each session. Make sure you’re logged in, so you are able to access the full functions of the tool. We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen this October!

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Looking forward to getting this under my belt. Great info.