Memo to the Branch Office: Your Reinvention Starts Today

  • 3 May 2016
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Written By: Louise Crawford, Senior Director, Silver Peak

The branch office can be a lonely place. You may be twiddling your thumbs for weeks on end waiting to be connected to the corporate datacenter while projects pile up. You find yourself behind schedule before your doors are open. Or maybe you’re banging your head against the desk as cloud applications slow down to a snail’s pace. And if you are in charge of getting the business profitable, your bonus check is rapidly disappearing in front of your eyes.

And look around – there’s so much hardware humming, you can’t possibly concentrate, let alone find a place to sit down and play Scrabble with your colleagues who have perfected their game of Angry Birds.

But the memo has finally arrived and the reinvention is apparently going to start today. HQ has told you that they have finally found two cool technologies that are going to consolidate your hardware, put them in the cloud, speed up your applications and finally get the branch connected to the mothership - tomorrow!

Nutanix and Silver Peak have partnered to deliver this solution and we have a webinar coming up to show you exactly how it’s done.

Building the Next Generation Branch
May 24, 8 am PT, 11am EST, 4pm GMT

Hear from Nutanix’s Principal Product Manager, Amit Jain and Silver Peak’s Director of Infrastructure, Chris Rogers to learn how the combined solution can:

  • Eliminate under-utilized infrastructure silos, using up to 80% less space and 50% lower CAPEX
  • Save up to 90% in WAN OPEX by leveraging broadband vs MPLS
  • Speed up deployment with rapid connectivity, a turn-key infrastructure and zero-touch deployment of broadband WAN
  • Securely connect and accelerate remote office applications
  • Achieve centralized management and control with enhanced visibility into the network and applications

The time is now to reinvent your branch offices. Join us

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