Making VDI Secure and Simple: Illumio's ASP Verified as Citrix Ready & Nutanix Ready

  • 22 March 2016
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It’s no secret that Nutanix is one of the best infrastructure platforms for VDI. In August, it’ll be five years since we won Tech Target’s Best of VMworld 2011 award for Desktop Virtualization in our first month of selling product, and one year since we made a groundbreaking announcement with Citrix to change the landscape of VDI with XenDesktop and XenApp supported on Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). We’ve partnered with the best companies in end user computing through our Elevate Program, and together we help support some of the most massive, efficient, and ultimately—simple—virtual desktop environments in the world.

Undoubtedly, security is one of the most important aspects of deploying, managing, and scaling VDI environments. Nutanix takes a holistic approach to delivering comprehensive security through our partner ecosystem, security development lifecycle (SecDL), and hardened platform. Today, we’re excited to help another burgeoning company and Nutanix Elevate partner, Illumio, make an inceptive mark on the VDI world as we once did.

Illumio is one of the fastest growing security companies in the industry, and announced today that its Adaptive User Segmentation Platform (ASP) solution is now validated as Nutanix Ready and Citrix Ready for Securing XenDesktop and XenApp. With this verification in place, customers are assured that the Illumio, Nutanix, and Citrix solutions work well together to secure virtual desktops and applications.

VDI presents a multitude of scenarios where users can gain access to applications and data they’re not supposed to. This happens all the time, and must be accounted for to ensure security policies and postures remain intact. Illumio’s ASP helps prevent unauthorized communications and access within applications, and integrates with Microsoft Active Directory to dynamically update policies as new users or groups are added. This increased level of control and dynamic policies help reduce the overall attack surface and vulnerability of customers’ applications and infrastructure.

Perhaps the most significant benefit presented by the triangulation of Nutanix, Citrix, and Illumio, is the sheer simplicity of the overall solution. Deployed in hours – not days – a VDI environment built on these three technologies incredibly easy to get up and running, yet highly resilient with an ROI-friendly, grow-as-you-go consumption model.

In his blog article on Illumio.com, Bryan Pelham introduces a fantastic analogy about building vs. buying a backyard play structure for his son, illustrating why and how the secure, turnkey Nutanix + Illumio solution for XenDesktop & XenApp is so ideal. In the tech world, simplicity truly is king, and our customers wear the crown.

While it’s been a long journey since our first month of selling and winning Best of VMworld 2011, our mission is still the same. Together with partners like Illumio, we’re elevating IT above the knobs and dials of the legacy world and allowing customers to focus on what matters – their applications, their users, and making an impact on the business.

For more information on Illumio’s Adaptive User Segmentation and Nutanix, please come see us at .NEXT Conference 2016 in Las Vegas, and visit the following links below:

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Blog Post – http://bit.ly/1LEonys
Securing VDI Webpage – http://bit.ly/1LEnsxU
Solution Brief – Illumio Adaptive Security for Nutanix

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