Is Your Home-lab The Best Ever!

  • 1 January 2018
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Is Your Home-lab The Best Ever!
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Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family during the holidays.

I know the new year is always a great time to reflect and especially when we are talking about home-labs or Lego, as Star Wars themed lego projects seemed to have inspired many in the vCommunity this holiday.

Early January is a good time to rebuild or find new parts to expand the home-lab. But what is the ideal home-lab? How does it look? Is it as small as Intel NUCs or as large as having a couple of rack-mounted servers in the basement?

Maybe you take your home-lab with you, is it in the clouds or on your laptop running virtualized with Virtualbox.

It's always cool to see what others are doing or have done to get some inspirational ideas for your lab - a tweak here or update there, it all helps.

I thought it would be cool for the vCommunity to post their current home-lab setup in our 'In The Lab' forum and have the community vote or 'Kudo' the configuration they like best - and at the end of January, we would announce winners for the top three home-lab setups. I'll be giving away some cool swag - you don't want to miss this.

► Here is what you need to do: Post your configuration, include hardware, any software and ensourage folks to check out your config and vote for you - Also share on Twitter and include hashtag #HomeLab

Be sure to check out other configs, support the community by commenting or voting for your favorite setup with a 'Kudo.' Learn about how to give a 'Kudo' here.

The top three configs with the most 'Kudos' get bragging rights for 2018.

You have 31 days, so get to it - let see which config comes out on top - who knows it could be yours!

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6 replies

i have a server rack with a core switch and 3 old dell powerridge r710
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I have 2x Dell R710's and an R720 server with 4x Dell Powervault MD1200s. Cluster is up and running but not with the MD1200s yet. I've yet to figure out the commands to add this.

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I have 5 DL 380 G5 and two DL360 G6. Usually run iSCSI on physical windows box for storage, or VMware and VSAN. This is all in customized 1/2 rack. This is all rebuilt several times a year to test various configurations. Don’t have photos now as I’m traveling at .NEXT.

Just picked up a HP c3000 bladecenter that runs 110 that I’m getting set up as well.
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Unfortunately I don't have a home lab yet. I would very much like to get one rolling with on the Intel NUC platform.
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No homelab yet, but started with a hardware design running intel nucs.
Waiting to get Nutanix Xpress!