Hyperconverged and Hypersecure - Nutanix and Vormetric for VDI Environments

  • 27 October 2015
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Author: Michael Rothschild, Senior Manager of Product & Alliances Marketing at Vormetric

When I was in high school, around this time of year, a good family friend Gerry used to call me to ask if I wanted to go skiing. He was a programmer at Bell Systems, and wrote code. At that young age, I wanted his job! When he was ready to compile a program, he would load the program and then he would go skiing as he waited. Back then it literally took almost a day to get in the compiling queue and get the results from the compiler.

In the course of just under 30 years, look how far we have journeyed. Bell Systems as an entity to itself no longer exists, and we have made tremendous advances in infrastructures, to the extent of running virtual desktops from virtually anywhere at any time. An environment can be emulated, applications can be called down in the blink of an eye, bandwidth is plentiful, and the amount of computing power found in a scientific calculator today is more than in the space capsules that were part of the Apollo mission.

Yet, with these advances in modern technology and enterprise applications, one hot topic on every business and technical leader’s mind, is security. In many cases the universal worry amongst executives is the security of their data, especially when virtualized. As data is the lifeblood of an organization, most modern businesses would suffer a devastating loss if a breach were to occur. The good news is that security solutions like Vormetric’s Data Security Platform can be deployed to ensure the organization’s most valuable assets and applications—take VDI, for example—remain secure.

The adoption of VDI as an enterprise app has yielded amazing results for organizations both in the public and private realm. The ability to centrally manage and deploy VDI onresilient, scalable, and adaptive hyperconverged infrastructure like Nutanix, helps validate VDI’s wide scale adoption. Yet, VDI presents additional security challenges and opportunities for data breach. With Vormetric’s Transparent Encryption (VTE) and key management software now validated as Nutanix Ready, customers can enhance security posture and meet strict regulations for VDI and many other applications running on Nutanix’s Xtreme Computing Platform.

Three major areas to achieve this level of security with Vormetric and Nutanix include:

Access Control – In organizations, the structural hierarchy requires that different people, based on their job function, have differentiated access to data. Granular access eliminates blanket policies which covers everyone without any real rhyme or reason and enables people to have just enough access to the data needed to do their job.

Encryption – Because stealing data is the goal in perpetrating an attack, moving from a perimeter based security model to an encryption model ensures that you are definitively protecting the target of an attack, namely its data rather than the attack vector, namely the perimeter. Encrypting data and making it unusable to anyone other than the intended recipient (and thus worthless) is amongst the most effective forms of security today.

Key Management – When I drop my car off at a parking lot that requires me to surrender my keys, I always get a little nervous because the parking attendant has control of my keys and thus my car. This allegory is one and the same with who has control of encryption keys to the data. Maintaining control of your own encryption keys across the entire infrastructure can help with ensuring that your data remains yours and that you maintain control of who gets to see what.

We have sure come a long way in terms of how we interact with our IT environment and respond to the multitude of threats out there. The good news is that taking that step to a hyperconverged or virtual environment does not mean you need to compromise on security. The bad news is…well, I really miss those ski days!

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