How to get Nutanix Xpress up and running quickly

  • 12 July 2016
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Nutanix Xpress is a new solution designed to bring the power of the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform to small and medium businesses. Nutanix Xpress is so simple that a single IT professional can install and manage an organization’s entire IT infrastructure, freeing valuable time to focus on initiatives that directly impact the top line.

Our team put together a series of three videos to demonstrate how easy it is to get started with Nutanix Xpress. Enjoy!

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How to mount and cable your Nutanix Express block in a server rack

How to configure the Foundation software installation

How to do your initial cluster configuration in Prism

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2 replies

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With Nutanix Xpress, I understand that the user can have up to 8 nodes. If in the future we expect to add more nodes, does an upgrade path to NX exist? If not, is Nutanix working to provide this option on future product releases?
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Hi  -- Currently, no upgrade path exists from Xpress to NX. In the future, we can potentially look at a path to upgrade from SX to NX but it not on roadmap as of today. If you think scale is a requirement, purchasing NX is the correct choice.