Get App Centric Security at .NEXT New Orleans

  • 26 April 2018
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Get App Centric Security at .NEXT New Orleans
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This post was authored by Mike Wronski Principal Product Marketing Manager - Nutanix

AOS 5.6 brought the GA of our VM microsegmentation and other VM networking features. These features are part of our broader strategy that focuses on the primary reason IT exists, running applications that drive the business. With that in mind, our implementation of microsegmentation is fairly unique from its visualizations, policy models, and enforcement options.

You could read about it in our solution briefs and documentation, but it’s so much better to get some face time with our engineers and subject matter experts who will all be out in New Orleans at our .NEXT user conference. If you’re already planning to be there or just need that extra little push, take a look below at the sessions, hands on labs, and other opportunities to be first to learn about new product announcements, see product demonstrations, interact with Nutanix engineers and get a complete understanding of how Nutanix can help secure your enterprise applications.

Here’s a selection of security and Microsegmentation sessions or check out the full agenda


Weds May 9th @ 2:40pm (abridged) and 2:25pm (full session)
As security threats become more sophisticated, infrastructure design and policy need to be able to respond. Come learn the common use cases for securing applications and users via VM microsegmentation. Nutanix engineers will walk through design considerations for creating microsegmentation policy, and demonstrate how Nutanix Flow provides the application visibility and policy controls to quickly and easily deploy microsegmentation in your environment.


Thursday May 10th @ 10am
You’ve heard about the security features implemented through Prism Central improvements—and now you can have a go at microsegmentation for yourself! You’ll get an overview of the benefits of using a decentralized security framework, focusing on network security, and providing better security than perimeter firewalls alone. See how to utilize a workload-centric approach to eliminate false positives, how security policies are managed and monitored in the UI, and how Security Policies inspect traffic that originates and terminates within in the datacenter, eliminating the need for additional firewalls. Our experts are on hand with A’s to all your Q’s—don’t miss this opportunity to get the security information you’re looking for!


Thursday May 10th @ 10am
Defense in depth has long been key to information security strategy—and something that we all take seriously. Attend this “peace-of-mind” session and hear security experts cover the principles of secure development lifecycle applied to our products, details of our DISA STIG-based hardening, network microsegmentation, data encryption, and other robust security features.

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