Comtrade Capitalizes on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

  • 11 April 2017
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Comtrade Capitalizes on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform
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Nutanix calls its solution an Enterprise Cloud Platform for a reason. Businesses, and especially larger enterprises, are looking to choose a technology partner that will provide a strategic direction for their on-prem and public cloud environments. In order to fulfill this role, it’s essential for Nutanix not only to gain certifications from large and small manufacturers throughout the industry, but to enable widespread adoption through API integration.

Comtrade Software, a division of $400M Comtrade holding company, is an example of a Nutanix partner leveraging the myriad advantages of Nutanix Prism and architecture. According to Comtrade’s Americas Sales Director, Jason Gradel, the company had been evaluating the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) space for some time, and was debating whether to come out with a solution that would apply across the HCI board or stick to their roots and align with a platform vendor.

“For us,” said Jason, “It was fairly clear that Nutanix would take a relatively new API initiative and refine it and create some gravity around their platform. We wanted to be early in the game so that we could have as much institutional knowledge around the API as possible.”

Comtrade Software shares the Nutanix belief that an enterprise cloud is all about keeping IT simple, and has extended that philosophy to full-stack monitoring by developing plug-ins for SCOM, the data center operations console for Microsoft System Center Suite. SCOM provides visibility into Linux, Windows, vSphere, Hyper-V and so on, but it requires plugins in order to understand networking gear, hardware and applications.

Comtrade makes these plugins (also known as Management Packs) for Citrix, F5 and, now, Nutanix. “Comtrade captures all of the Nutanix data from the Prism REST API,” explained Jason. “We then push this information to SCOM so it’s visible to the DC operations teams rather than just the storage or apps teams who will likely just use Prism.

Providing full stack visibility and app awareness/context as to what the VM is doing changes communications between the datacenter management and applications teams. This enables quick escalation of specific problems such as SQL database or networking issues and reduces both troubleshooting and resolution time.”

Comtrade enables system admins to simply and quickly extend critical Nutanix and application information to Microsoft System Center. These application-focused solutions provide admins with full stack visibility and the ability to see beyond VMs into business-critical applications, thereby quickly eliminating problems and identifying ways to optimize performance.

Jason commented, “Nutanix Management Pack will next become the anchor point for correlating separate Citrix and F5 console views with Prism look and feel. This will further accelerate adoption of the enterprise cloud platform.”

This post was authored by Steven Kaplan, VP of Client Strategy at Nutanix

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