Community Podcast - Nutanix Move: Simple 1-Click Migrations

  • 3 April 2019
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Community Podcast - Nutanix Move: Simple 1-Click Migrations
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This week Dwayne and I chat with Nutanix Technology Champion David Teague about Nutanix Move. Nutanix Move accelerates the adoption of Nutanix Enterprise OS by providing application mobility services to virtual machines. Nutanix Move automates the mundane and cumbersome steps required to manually migrate or rebuild VMs on an AHV environment. Nutanix Move automates “lift and shift” VM migrations and configures the best practices needed for optimal VM performance, saving significant time and effort resulting in huge cost savings.

▶️ Simple 1-Click migrations from ESX, Hyper-V and AWS
▶️ Eliminates manual and error-prone repetitive tasks
▶️ Near-zero service outage, with full cutover control
▶️ No additional licensing needed

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