Carbonite and Nutanix Eases Migration for YMCA

  • 12 April 2019
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Carbonite and Nutanix Eases Migration for YMCA
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This post was authored by our friends at Carbonite

Eager to enjoy the benefits of hyperconverged environments, moving to Nutanix is often on the top of many IT departments’ dream upgrade lists. But many IT shops are hesitant to incur the downtime costs of making the move. So, they put it off.

IT professionals and partners must balance the benefits of upgrading IT systems with the immediate costs of downtime, and that balance is hard to strike. There’s never a good time to temporarily take everything offline.

The logistical challenges of migrations prevent many IT departments from scheduling them—despite knowing they are due to bring their systems up to date. That’s how proactive upgrades become urgent, critical overhauls—rushed projects that cost even more time and money.

The IT team at the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties in Tacoma, Washington escaped this cycle. By partnering with our team at Carbonite, the YMCA overcame their migration hurdles to retire 11 physical servers and upgrade to Nutanix Acropolis without impacting their hours of operation, or taking servers offline for more than a few minutes. They used structured, repeatable processes to make their migration efficient and cost-effective.

As Francisco Rivera, Senior System Engineer at the Pierce and Kitsap Counties YMCA says:

“If you stop to think about what it costs to take your environment out of production for even a single day, it quickly dwarfs the cost of a migration tool that allows you to stay up and running in the process… But we evaluated a lot of migration tools and most of them had the Achilles heel of requiring significant downtime.”

We’ll be sharing a detailed overview of the YMCA’s migration story, including technical tips for overcoming similar challenges during our 30-minute speaking slot, titled “No Gym Excuses: How the YMCA stayed open while upgrading to Nutanix” at 1:00pm on Thursday 5/9 in Room 255A.

This session is for you if you work in an environment where:
  • The cost of downtime is high
  • Downtime simply isn’t an option
  • Migration budgets are tight
  • Staffing large scale upgrades is challenging
Upgrading from physical servers to a Nutanix cluster had an immediate positive impact on the efficiency of the YMCA. The YMCA’s IT team estimate that this upgrade has easily saved them $25,000 in the first year. The upgrade allowed them to eliminate DFS, stabilized their environment, and eliminated plenty of hardware licensing and maintenance costs. But, without the right migration tool, it’s an update they might not have completed.

If you would like to learn more about how Carbonite’s migration tools can help you, or your customers, realize the many benefits of moving to Nutanix, stop by our booth to talk to a member of the Carbonite team.

If you can’t attend .NEXT 2019, but would like to learn more about Carbonite Migrate, visit

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