Boost the IQ of your Datacenter with Prism Pro

  • 16 March 2017
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Boost the IQ of your Datacenter with Prism Pro
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This blog is authored by Shubhika Taneja, Product Marketing Manager at Nutanix

The push for improving efficiency, reducing TCO and assuring service quality has led to an acute need for automation in datacenters. It is challenging to fulfill this need with the explosion in the amount of machine data, that needs to be analyzed to optimize datacenter operations. Harnessing machine intelligence to mine through this data to make intelligent decisions is the most natural choice to optimize datacenter operations.

The journey of Nutanix Prism began with providing simplified and consolidated infrastructure management for the entire stack, but over the past couple of years, it has gone past that. With the availability of Prism Pro, Prism also provides intelligent data center operations and management.

The idea behind Prism Pro is to allow our customers to leverage deep machine learning to improve efficiency, reduce TCO and assure service quality by simplifying the IT operations in their enterprise cloud datacenter. All these intelligent operations are powered by the Nutanix machine learning technology X-FIT, which is continuously learning the behavior of workloads using the machine data gathered from the entire stack.

There are two key pieces of Prism Pro:

1. Predictive Operations: This capability is powered by our homegrown machine learning technology X-FIT. It helps customers to proactively monitor their infrastructure needs. With this, they can scale with the growth of their business without the pains of long planning cycles, guesswork and overprovisioning.

IT teams are constantly burdened with having to forecast future incremental growth for new projects on the horizon. Weeks and months are spent gathering, and presenting data to make a case for additional infrastructure needs. Many times IT teams are blindsided by projects that they never had any foreknowledge of. With Prism Pro’s ‘Capacity Analytics’ you see detailed runway trends for storage, memory, and CPU. This helps IT teams justify the resource consumption to higher management, and allows them to plan for future capacity giving them enough time to act proactively and add resources as needed . The X-FIT algorithm constantly learns from past workload behavior to show capacity runways for future demand.

In addition to runway analytics, the other feature that customers love is ‘Just In Time Forecast’. It determines the best option to place future workloads, whether through finding extra capacity in existing clusters or through expansion. It enables IT teams to stay ahead of the curve in terms of planning infrastructure so that businesses never run out of capacity. For instance a customer could start with VDI, and decide to add additional VDI users or another workload 3 months from now.

The requirements for the future workload can be entered in an easy template predefined for several enterprise workloads. The machine learning algorithm then figures out the nodes needed and the date in the future, when these nodes should be added to meet the requirements. Unlike any other tools, such as vROPS, customers can just use the one-click recommendation to get results instantly. They can also generate a PDF report of current capacity and future recommendations.

2. Personalized Insights: There is way too much data and information in a datacenter that it can be overwhelming to find what you want. Imagine, if Google search did not generate an intelligent list of results but instead pointed to every little thing in the world related to what you were searching for, leaving it up to you to find your way through all that clutter. To save customers time, and help them filter out the noise to get to what they want, there are two powerful offerings in Prism Pro: Customizable Dashboards and Advanced Prism Search.

One size doesn’t fit all. Not everyone within the organization is interested in monitoring and troubleshooting the same thing. With ‘Customizable Dashboards’ customers can create dashboards within minutes, customize them with the metrics they want to see, and enrich them with the intelligent results from X-FIT.

‘Advanced Prism Search’ uses machine learning to help customers find what they are looking for in a simple and quick way so that they can get to the real job of troubleshooting or carrying out the operations that they want. Advanced Prism Search supports auto complete, auto correction, synonyms and maintains search history. It also lets customers take one click actions on the search results.

You can learn more about our machine learning technology X-FIT that powers all these capabilities in Prism Pro here. You can also deep dive into each of the capabilities discussed above through a series of blogs on Runway Analytics, JITF (Just In Time Forecast), Search, Dashboards, and machine learning.

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